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Siser's display box (also known as a "pizza box") cleanly exhibits all of Siser's materials and colors on fabric. This box folds up easily for portability and is an excellent marketing and business tool to show off all of the available colors in a professional, compact book.

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Terrible product

Great idea, Poor design. First off when purchased the item in the pictures is not the item you receive. (the website may have updated to the newer pictures by the time this is read.) The current pizza box only has little 1 inch t shirt shaped color swatches instead of the full word "Easyweed" as pictured. To me this does not give a good enough feel for the true color. Biggest flaw is they do not name the colors in the pizza box, only a color swatch. You are required to use the Color swatch card in unison with this product. Not a good idea should you lose, forget or have your color card damaged you would have no reference to color names. Absurd that they would not put the color names in the actual pizza box. Then to make matters more confusing. They intermix Easyweed, Easyweed stretch and Easyweed extra together in the color chart but not in the pizza box making the pictures not go in order together. Some of the colors are so close you cant even tell them apart.

Terrible design, Terrible layout. Complete fail for a marketing tool.

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