HPN SubliCraft 4.9" x 9.8" Sublimation Shrink Wrap Sleeve - 80 Pack

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SubliCraft by HeatPressNation focuses on providing professional quality sublimation blanks at an affordable price to everyone, especially the crafter. The SubliCraft by HeatPressNation line of sublimation blanks has been strategically streamlined in an effort to only offer the most popular and in-demand products in the creative community. See why so many creators are now switching to SubliCraft as their sublimation brand of choice.

4.9" x 9.8" compatible for:

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Application Instructions

  • Select drinkware and print design
  • Preheat countertop convection oven to 330F - 400F
  • Wrap transfer desiigns onto drinkware with heat tape
  • Insert drinkware into shrinkwrap sleeve
  • Use heat gun until the wrap fully shrinks around object base
  • Repeat previous step again with a second sleeve
  • Now double wrapped, insert into oven for 6 minutes.
  • Set aside to cool for 30 - 50 seconds
  • Peel the wraps and transfers

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Tina Gilley

love these things I don't have to use anywhere near the tape i was using

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