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3 Reasons To Own An MPress Heat Press

As you consider what’s the best heat press to start with for your hobby or business, there’s no need to feel left out of higher-end machines from a limited budget. While MPress heat presses are technically HPN’s entry-level offerings, these machines are more powerful and reliable than they seem compared to most other budget-friendly options. Let’s go over 3 key reasons why MPress heat presses are worthwhile to own as starting machines.


One notable reason is of course the affordability of every MPress heat press. When stumbling upon similar, more generic machines outside of HPN, you may also find that they have little to no reviews that only leave them in a gray area of reliability. And more often than not when they are reviewed, those customers usually don’t leave the highest regards, with some even reporting how their machine managed to break over time, alongside being left with poor customer support in return. At Heat Press Nation, every machine from us is produced to be as robust as possible while staying attainable for certain business levels.

MPress is not left out in this regard, meaning that every machine under this label is built with powerful internal and external components similar to those found in our higher end Black Series and Signature Series machines. With this in mind, the performance of MPress machines will be more than enough to work with such purposes from apparel customization to sublimating hard flat items. In addition, every MPress heat press will be backed with 1 Year MyExpert Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support, with our MyExpert representatives ready to assist you in getting the most out of your machine as soon as possible.


Another reason to own an MPress heat press is their simplicity in operation and general purpose. All it takes to use an MPress machine is to adjust it to what’s needed for your item, which you can then press as soon as your machine reaches temperature. To help keep this process simple, every MPress machine comes standard with a digital time and temperature gauge that allows you to pinpoint how long you need to press your item in seconds, and how hot the heating element should be to press it in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. After setting those, you’ll only need to have your pressure adjusted accordingly and perform a test press before customizing your item. If you’re not looking to dive into other forms of customization beyond flat items soon, or 11 and 15 ounce mugs with the MPress mug press, you can look no further than MPress machines. With no additional bells or whistles required, their basic purpose bodes well in serving as easy-to-use machines that are sure to get the job done.

Compact and Portable

The last but not least reason for owning an MPress heat press are their highly compact options available, alongside standing out as generally lightweight machines. If you need a machine that’s sure to fit well in an extremely limited workspace, the MPress has a 9”x12” swing away machine that’s ready for smaller items and heat transfers. Though if you already own a machine and don’t have the ability to press 11 and 15 ounce sublimation mugs, the MPress mug press is a worthy option that’s also compact enough for small spaces. The small nature of these machines of course lends itself to being lightweight and portable enough to take around to different workspaces. Yet, even the larger MPress clamshell heat presses, ranging from 15”x15” to 16”x24”, tend to be lighter compared to other machines. While we’ll still recommend having another person around to spot you in carrying these heat presses elsewhere, just know that a 15”x15” MPress is nearly half the weight of a Signature Series of the same size.


With these 3 reasons in mind, MPress heat presses clearly go beyond many similar entry-level offerings. Every machine is built to perform its main purpose of pressing flat items or sublimation mugs to a T, while also being built with close attention and extra care similar to HPN’s higher-end options. To learn more about MPress machines or if you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 215-0894.


Barbara White

Barbara White

How much are they?

Kevin Dalton

Kevin Dalton

We have a M press. We have had it for several years and love it

Nivia De loving

Nivia De loving

Yes!!! I have the 15×15 and I love it so easy to use and I will recommend .I will give it a 5 star.

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