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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Heat Press

In recent years the customization industry has seen incredible growth. There’s so much opportunity to make money customizing apparel, either as a side hustle or full time. And in all that growth, the heat press is front and center. What’s great is that in this time we’ve seen the build quality of heat presses has gone way up, while the cost to own one has gone down. So if you’re considering picking up a heat press or curious about what a heat press is capable of, We're going to give you our top reasons why you should own one.

Heat presses are better than a home iron

 Most of the time your transfers will be larger than the heating area of an iron. The standard heat press size is fifteen inches by fifteen inches, which is plenty of room to work with for most t-shirt transfers. With an iron, you’ll need to manually spot press it in sections. Also, you’re not going to get precise pressure because you’re using your own strength to hold down the iron - and that can get pretty fatiguing. Even by using a larger iron for pressing transfers, there’s no way to ensure you’re getting consistent pressure. If you’re pressing more than one or two projects, you’re going to start getting tired. Heat presses are less physically demanding and ultimately a more consistent method of applying transfers than a home iron.

Easy to use

Once your transfer is ready to be pressed onto your garment, you simply set the time, set the temperature, and set the pressure. That's really it. When it reaches temperature, place the garment on the lower platen, position your transfer within the pressing area, and press it. The timer will let you know when to open the press. If you’re using an auto open heat press, you don’t even have to do that. It’ll open on its own. It’s a very simple process but the results can be amazing.

The level of control and consistency they maintain over time

Most machines come standard with a digital gauge that indicates and sets its time and temperature. As most transfers and sublimation blanks will require specific settings for proper application, these gauges allow the heat press to be precisely adjusted to those settings easily.

Certain heat presses also include a gauge that indicates the amount of pressure set on the machine. HPN Signature Pro heat presses in particular use the SurePressure marking system, which indicates the pressure of your machine with an analog counter to note for future reference. Having a clear indication of time, temperature, and pressure can help bring peace of mind knowing that your heat press will always apply transfers completely, the way they were intended.

Instant results they provide for customizing items

As we've stated before, the process is incredibly simple - and that simplicity is why heat presses can give you desired results very quickly. The speed at which you can have a finished product makes them ideal for sample products or customizing items on demand at pop-up shops, show floors, and special events. With their ease of use, versatility with more unique items, high control and consistency, and ability to customize items in no time, heat presses are absolutely essential for applying heat transfer materials. If you want information on specific styles and brands of heat presses, you can take a look at all of our heat presses here: View All Heat Presses Or feel free to contact us at support.heatpressntion.com


Cesar Conde

Cesar Conde

Gracias, busco una impresora para desarrollar mi proyecto empresarial.
Este equipo me ayudara a cumplir mi propósito pues reúne mis expectativas comerciales.

Doretta Holness

Doretta Holness

I want to buy a 15 × 15 heat press with attachment,for hat, mug,T shirts, trying to decide



Do you offer classes?

Nivia De Loving

Nivia De Loving

Thank you very much for reaching out but exactly one year ago in April I bought an Mpress 15 × 15 from you all and I’m very pleased and I surely would recommend it to anyone starting off a new business or side Hustle it works great.

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