Silhouette Cameo Pro

The brand new Silhouette Cameo PRO is a dream come true for anyone who has ever wanted a professional cutting machine that’s both user-friendly and won’t break the bank. Silhouette has truly gone above and beyond in crafting this incredible product - putting the user experience first all along the way. Everything, from its extended cutting width to its included robust software, has been designed to allow anyone to achieve professional results anywhere.

This new cutting machine from Silhouette is up to 3x faster than the previous generation. It also has 20x the cutting force and 50% more clearance. With its larger size comes the ability to cut full-sized rolls of media. The built-in roll feeder makes cutting directly from the roll easier than ever! There is even a built-in cross cutter to help reduce material waste, giving you a clean cut every time.

Silhouette also launched 4 brand-new Smart Tools & Blades (sold separately), making the Cameo PRO versatile and useful for projects beyond heat transfer materials. In addition to USB connection, the Cameo PRO has Bluetooth connectivity - untethering you from your desk and giving you the opportunity to get creative with your workspace. Print & Cut registration, matless cutting, and PixScan™ compatibility add to the list of pro features that make this the most powerful and capable cutter in its class.

This powerful hardware is reined in and driven by the incredible Silhouette Studio design & cutting software. The latest version 4 of Silhouette has seen its own share of upgrades as well, allowing users access to professional vector design tools that are found in expensive design programs. And unlike most other cutting software, Silhouette Studio is directly compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Not only is Silhouette Studio v4 more powerful than ever, it’s arguably the easiest to use cut & design software on the market. Best of all, Basic Edition is included for free download with every Cameo 4 PRO.

The Cameo PRO is ready to handle nearly any project you can throw at it - with the class, power, and ease-of-use that you’ve come to expect from Silhouette products.




I want to know the price and when is available

Natan Gonzalez

Natan Gonzalez

Hola , quiero hacerles una pregunta y quisiera que me digan su opinion y sinceridad . Yo no puedo comprar una plancha profesional pues soy deshabilitado por un accidente hace 21 anos cuando tenia 19 anos de edad , hoy tengo 51 pero con lo que recibo no me alcanza . Quiero saber 2 cosas 1.- Puedo usar mi plancha normal o una de la cricut para hacer bien la sublimacion ?y 2.- venderian a menos precio planchas reacondicionadas para hacer mi Hooby pues no soy vendedor por el $$

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