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It is not easy to choose a t-shirt to print upon. If the wrong cloth is selected, then all the money, effort and the time will go to waste. A badly printed shirt will lose its smartness after a few washes. The colors will fade and it will soon become a rag. If you run a business printing t-shirts then choosing the correct one will help you to acquire a professional image. There will be repeat clients as they are assured of a quality output from your side.

Substrate quality

T-shirts are generally of three kinds: natural (made from cotton), synthetic (polyester or nylon) and a blend of the two. The same image printed on these three will not be the same. This is due to the material from which the shirt is made. The process of silk screen printing implies the application of ink into fabric through a silk screen using pressure. It functions similar to a stencil and has varying areas of permeability. Complex patterns can be made by pushing inks. A blank t-shirt is a must for screen printing. This is as the image to be imposed will not be visible if there is an existing print on the shirt. 

All materials are not suitable for screen printing. Synthetic shirts for example cannot be used for high quality prints. This is as they repel water. Cotton shirts are the best when it comes to silk screen printing. The best prints can be had on 100 percent cotton. Premium printed t-shirts are made of ring-spun cotton. It lasts longer, and is stronger. Thicker materials make for better prints as they absorb greater quantity of inks. These make for vibrant colors. 

Choosing colors

Selecting a color is also a complex decision. The color should match the person who will wear it. The environment to wear it must also be taken into account. If only the logo is to be printed, then any color t-shirt can be chosen. If a black or dark color is chosen, it must be made sure that the printed logo is visible. If you want to print a bouquet of colors, then choose a 100 percent white cotton shirt. The colors will be wonderfully printed. A prosperous image can be projected for everyone to admire. Other factors to admire include durability and comfort. If there is a need to compromise, choose a cotton-synthetic blend. 

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