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Ink nozzles can dry up due to a number of reasons. Whatever the reason, you cannot print properly. The most common reasons include:

  • Using refilled cartridges: If a good quality refill is not done, then air can enter the cartridge. This will dry the ink. The nozzle heads will be clogged. The best way is to professionally renew the cartridge.
  • Occasional usage: Printers used once every two months will see their cartridges drying up. Nozzles become clogged. This problem can be easily solved by more printing or running a regular cleaning regimen. In short, the nozzles must remain clean.
  • Post the expiration date: This is yet another reason for the nozzle head to become clogged and dry. Most people are not aware that every cartridge has its own expiration date. Using them after that date may result in printing problems. This risk can be minimized by checking expiration dates. One should buy the amount needed and not more.
  • Storing cartridges without due care: The cartridge must be kept in a room that enjoys a fairly stable temperature. Any temperature swing can affect ink cartridge performance.

Fixing the dry ink cartridge

You should go about in a methodical manner to clear out the clogged ink cartridge. The first action in such a circumstance is to run the print head cleaning function. This can be done in any printer. You can do this through the computer. It can be done on printer itself. If you are not sure about how to execute this function, then follow the steps as described in the printer manual. Repeat until you reach the desired objective as explained in the manual.

Even after all these efforts you find your cartridge to be blocked, then remove cartridge from printer machine. Put cartridge in warm water. Do this in a bowl. This will minimize the incidence of staining. Make sure that the head of the printer is immersed in the water. In case of a serious blockage, it is an excellent idea to soak any cotton bud in warm water and then rub it across the cartridge area where ink comes out. Take the cartridge away from water when the ink flow restarts. Use a paper towel to clean nozzles dry. You can also use lint free cloth. Position the cartridge into the printer once again. Run print head cleaning function. If the problem is not solved at this point, buy a new cartridge.

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