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How To Personalize A Bucket With Siser EasyPSV

How To Personalize A Bucket With Siser EasyPSV

Once again it’s that time of year where the orange leaves descend, warm dinners are served, and the weather turns cozy. There’s no better and nostalgic way of gathering your seasonal pickings than with a bucket, which you can personalize further with the right material. 

Whether you’re looking to personalize a plastic or metal bucket, Siser EasyPSV adhesive vinyl is ready to stick onto such solid items no problem. By being designed to withstand strong weather and UV conditions, any design cut with this material will be sure to last on even the most regularly used item.

First, you’ll need to measure the width and height of where you’d like to place your design on the bucket.To show off the full potential of this material, we’ll be cutting a multicolor design with a few bright colors of standard EasyPSV, in addition to a Buffalo Plaid Red sheet of EasyPSV Patterns as our background layer. 

Whether you’re creating your design in cutting software like Silhouette Studio, or you’ve acquired it from another source, you’ll need to make sure that its first been scaled within your measurements, then ungroup its layers. By doing this, each layer will be available to cut on their own as you prepare to cut your vinyl. Though if your design’s shapes happen to be ungrouped altogether, it’s good to group each shape of a specific color to help speed up the layer selection process before cutting. Lastly, when working with a cursive font on Silhouette Studio, it’s best to convert it to a path and weld the shapes together for a seamless cut. As soon as your design is ready, enable or draw a weed box around it, load your first EasyPSV sheet or roll to your machine, then you may start sending each of your design’s layers.

Now that all our EasyPSV layers have been cut, you may trim and weed each one out, then they’re ready to be lifted with EasyPSV Application Tape.

With a large sheet or roll of this tape, you’ll want to cut slices of it based on the size of your layers, then use each one to lift your layers with these steps: peel the application tape off its carrier sheet, then center and place it onto the vinyl. Next, squeegee the tape onto the vinyl a few times, then smoothly peel the tape up by a corner. And with all the layers lifted off, they’re now ready to be applied on your bucket.

Start by placing your background layer, then squeegee it once more to the bucket. Finally, peel the tape up by a corner. Then repeat these same steps as you continue applying the next few layers. After you’ve peeled the last layer, your bucket has now been personalized to suit your needs for the season! 

If you’d like to share your personalized buckets or other accessories with us, alongside a large community of customization enthusiasts, feel free to join our HeatPressNation Creators Facebook group, at heat.press/FBgroup. But to learn more about Siser EasyPSV and other materials, please visit us at HeatPressNation.com.

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