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Introducing Siser EasyPatterns Plus HTV

Introducing Siser EasyPatterns Plus HTV

Siser’s EasyPatterns has been established as their go-to patterned vinyl that’s as simple as cut, mask, and apply. Though at certain times, it might not be particularly easy to use when you’ve just run out of TTD High Tack Mask. Fortunately, Siser’s specialty line of vinyl just got easier with Siser EasyPatterns Plus. This is a fresh edition of EasyPatterns that skips the masking process to allow anyone to simply cut and weed their transfer out, which will then be ready to apply on a fabric item. EasyPatterns Plus has essentially been redesigned to where the patterns face right below the carrier sheet. All you’ll need to do is to mirror cut your designs through your preferred vinyl cutter, and in no time your patterned transfer will be ready.

While EasyPatterns Plus has reinvented how Siser’s patterned heat transfer vinyl works, it’s indeed still available with many of the classic patterns from the original EasyPatterns line, including Buffalo Plaid Red and Green Camouflage. In addition, new patterns from EasyPatterns Plus only expand the variety to choose from for anyone’s design, such as in Grunge, Mood Ring, and more. It’s also been carefully reviewed as a CPSIA Certified material, meaning that these sheets will be safe to apply on any kid-sized fabrics. With its familiar soft hand and glossy look, Siser EasyPatterns Plus is sure to display your designs cleanly, whether applied with a heat press or home iron. And without the extra steps to mask it out after cutting it, EasyPatterns is closer than ever to being as easy to use as Siser’s EasyWeed HTV. You can learn more about Siser EasyPatterns Plus and other transfers on our YouTube channel, or by visiting HeatPressNation.com.

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