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Heat Press Nation's Top 5 Side Hustles

Heat Press Nation's Top 5 Side Hustles

Custom Apparel Printing

This could be anything. T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, you name it. Now the key to number one is going to be finding a niche and targeting the heck out of it. So now there are so many different options and I'm not going to go through all of them but just to give you an idea I mean local businesses they're always needing T-shirts, aprons, hats, jackets for their staff, families are always needing vacation T-shirts, family reunion T-shirts, birthday party shirts. And then you have your local events. Everything from 5K’s to bachelorette parties. I mean people are always wanting custom T-shirt apparel, tote bags, you got it covered.

Custom Vinyl Decals

Now if you have a vinyl cutter, cutting your vinyl for you know your T-shirts and everything like that you already have what you need to make custom vinyl decals. These are going to be adhesive decals that you cut out and you apply by hand you know your squeegee you know the process. Now one of the biggest sources of revenue for this side hustle is going to be local businesses; specifically businesses needing signage and hours for their windows for the front windows. Maybe they have you know the glass in the front door and what's cool about vinyl, it could be as permanent as you need it to be. If they want to replace a special sale or promotional every month you can take care of that. So it's a great side hustle to have. Also if you're doing custom decals car clubs car clubs are a great source because they're always wanting custom decals for all the car windows for all the supporters and members. It's another great source for your side hustle.

Promotional Products

Who doesn't love a freebie? If it's free it's for me. And a lot of local businesses in your area have the same mentality whether it's real estate companies or things of that nature, they want to put something in people's hands with their company's logo on it and that's where you come in. Everything from keychains to coffee mugs. Those are going to be great for sublimation, by the way. But you can also even do promotional T-shirts for them. Honestly I think that's a great opportunity to use super color transfers and your heat press customize free T-shirts. I mean free for their customers. Obviously, you're going to charge them but yeah promotional products are a great source of income for your side hustle.

School Vendor

A school vendor is somebody who the local school whether it's a private or public school they have you on file as a preferred vendor for any of their printing needs. So if they need custom jackets, T-shirts, again the list goes on anything they need you're going to be their first call. Now working with schools is a little interesting because of their payment situation. Sometimes they're going to need to set up terms meaning you're not going to get paid for about 30 to 60 sometimes even 90 days after you deliver the order. Now with that being said, because of the size of the orders and the price you can usually charge them regular full price. No need to discount too deep for schools because of the size of the orders it really does make up for that inconvenience so you definitely want to keep schools in mind when you're considering places to sell to or potential clients and customers.

Content Creator

Maybe you don't have the ability to consistently fulfill orders. Maybe your day job kind of prevents you from working on pressing and fulfilling shipping orders things of that nature. That's fine if you still love the business and you still love what you do making T-shirts, making mugs, sublimation heat transfer you might want to consider being a content creator. Now what's cool about being in the heat transfer industry is that you can connect with affiliate partners like Heat Press Nation to actually make money off of your content. Whether you're a master or beginner, as long as you're adding value to your viewers your channel is going to grow and you will be able to monetize that and actually make some money doing what you already do. I'm not going to lie to you, the good content creator is a lot of work. Trust me I would know but it's also very fulfilling and it's a great way to make some money.

So those are our top five side hustles here at Heat Press Nation. For more information you can contact us at support.heatpressnation.com

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