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Introducing the New Sawgrass SG500 & SG1000 Desktop Sublimation Printers

Sawgrass made a huge impact in the custom gift and garment decoration industry when they launched the SG400 & SG800 printers several years ago. Professional-quality sublimation printers were now within reach of everyone - from hobbyists to small business owners, all the way to full-blown production operations.

Never willing to rest on their laurels, Sawgrass continues to breathe new life into the industry with the launch of the SG500 and SG1000, which are the latest models in their flagship line of sublimation printers. These powerhouse machines feature upgraded components, user-friendly integrations, and powerful complementary software. Sawgrass has reimagined the sublimation experience and carefully developed each new feature with the end user in mind.

We’re going to talk more about Sawgrass’ digital products in just a little bit. But first, let’s have a look at their amazing new printers and ink.

At the heart of Sawgrass Technologies is their award-winning sublimation ink. Every new SG500 & SG1000 printer will come equipped with the brand-new Sublijet-UHD ink. Your prints are going to look better than ever, with richer and more vibrant color on both hard and soft substrates. The incredibly powerful Virtuoso Print Manager has been updated and rebranded as Sawgrass Print Manager. This free software is the perfect complement to the new Sublijet-UHD ink. It optimizes your printer’s ink output, which reduces ink waste and increases both color accuracy and vibrancy on your finished product.

Though they may bear a resemblance to their predecessors, the new features of the SG500 & SG1000 set them apart as modern sublimation printing solutions. On both printers you’ll find the screen is now backlit and larger. Paired with a completely redesigned button layout, the new interface is now much easier to read and toggle through functions. Under the hood, the new printers have been upgraded to a single roller bar, which greatly reduces paper jams and misfeeds. These printers are also more energy-efficient and offer WiFi-connectivity. To help make the new printers even more accessible to every budget, both printers will have the option to be purchased with a starter set of inks.

One of the standout upgrades to the SG500 & SG1000 is the Ultra Fine Photo mode. This increased resolution allows you to print at an incredible 4880x1200 dpi! Paired with the redesigned Sublijet-UHD ink, Ultra Fine Photo mode produces amazing detailed prints that look absolutely stunning when sublimated onto your favorite photo panels and other high-quality substrates.

The SG500 prints up to 8.5” x 14”, which is more than enough print coverage to produce transfers for everything from coffee mugs to coasters, awards plaques to phone cases. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for situations where space may be limited, or applications that may not require large print coverage.

The SG1000 prints up to 11”x17” right out of the box and can be extended all the way up to 13”x19” with the optional Bypass Tray. This increased size makes the SG1000 perfect for apparel, medium-sized photo panels, soft goods, in addition to the same smaller items commonly printed on the SG500. In addition, the SG1000 is compatible with the Sublijet-UHD extended cartridges, giving you the absolute lowest cost-per-print and maximum time between cartridge replacement.

Of course, both printers retain the automatic self-maintenance feature that made the SG400 & SG800 famous. This essential feature eliminates any messy maintenance and the need to print daily, which is common with most other sublimation printers. It also gives your business true flexibility, by keeping your Sawgrass machine ready to print whenever you are. These printers are also backward-compatible with their respective Bypass & Option Trays. To help make their products even more accessible to every budget, both printers will have the option to be purchased with a starter set of inks.

The Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 are backed by a 2-year warranty, with free lifetime technical support provided by both Heat Press Nation and Sawgrass. This unparalleled level of support helps provide complete peace of mind when purchasing a new Sawgrass printer.

As mentioned before, Sawgrass has completely reimagined the sublimation printing experience. When you purchase a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer, you’re also receiving literally thousands of dollars in free software, design elements, training, and more! When you purchase a new Sawgrass printer, you’re not just getting a printer. You’re getting a business in a box. The new Sawgrass suite of business resources were designed to help you build your successful business.

Sawgrass products have always been user-friendly, which is why they’re the top choice for beginners and industry professionals alike. With the launch of Sawgrass Academy, they’re taking ease-of-entry to the next level. Sawgrass Academy is a free web-based program to help get even the most inexperienced users up and running in no time. These entertaining, easy-to-follow video lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, earn certifications, and learn how to build your business - all from the comfort of your own home!

There’s no need to spend extra money & time on complicated design programs. CreativeStudio is the only online design tool built specifically for sublimation and comes fully-loaded with thousands of licensed, royalty-free, ready-to-use designs & graphic elements. There are also built-in templates for many of the most popular sublimation products out there. CreativeStudio Premium is a monthly subscription that gives you access to even more royalty-free designs and elements, adds pro text functionality, social media integration, and more!

Not only does Sawgrass support you with programs to create, they’ve also added two new programs to help you profit from those designs. GO Expression and GO Exchange are Sawgrasss’ new game-changing online marketplace and fulfillment service, respectively. With GO Expression, you can sell your customized designs to anyone in the world - at no additional cost to you. Go Exchange allows Sawgrass professionals to connect for order fulfillment around the globe. These two new sites are revolutionary in this industry and are sure to become fan favorites in no time at all.

Sawgrass continues to set the bar time and time again with each new product release. The launch of the SG500, SG1000, and their complementary programs continue that legacy of innovation and progress. Heat Press Nation is proud to carry the complete line of Sawgrass printers, inks, and accessories. For more information on the SG500 and SG1000 printers, please feel free to call us at 800-215-0894.


Judy Nicola

Judy Nicola

Still waiting for mine to be delivered Hopefully soon?

william smith

william smith

can you print on any colored t-shirts? And can you print in glossy or chrome colors? thnx about to order the 1000 just need to know if theres anything else i might need to de these 2 things im asking thnx again…

Bill Nichols

Bill Nichols

Do you have a finance program if you buy one ocedf these machine can you get it finan

Lethaddeus Lavergne

Lethaddeus Lavergne

I have a sg400 do you take trade in with order. Price of ink and printer.

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