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Desktop printers have a finite lifespan. They are susceptible to wear and tear. Obsolescence is another issue. It makes excellent sense to replace the printer in case the machine develops mechanical problems. Buying a new model brings with it a number of benefits like better compatibility with computers or cost savings. The new printer can also be operated through smartphones and other comparable mobile devices.

Old Versus The New

A good printer is one which prints images and texts with high resolutions of up to 1,200 dots per inch. This can only happen if the mechanical parts work in sync. The dots must be precisely located to make this happen. The exact amount of ink must be sent to paper. If this is not done, there will be smears. The print will be an uneven one. Components of the printer wear out as time passes.

Mechanical erosion results in lower reliability. There will be frequent paper jams and the downtime can be a frustrating one. It thus possibly makes more sense to buy a new printer than to continue with an old one.

Speed, Model, And Cost

Since one aspect of printer efficiency is its speed, then newer printers deliver more value for money as they are much more speedy compared to older machines. This is particularly applicable if one printer is shared by multiple people. Then there is a matter of technological improvements. This happen every year. Modern printers deliver near photographic prints and bring superb wireless networking capabilities. They can also read removable media like Secure Digital cards. This again proves the benefit of spending money on newer technology printers.

The models of different printers can also be much different. They can vary when it comes to questions about expenses incurred for each page. The purchase of a printer must be decided on matters other than cost of the machine alone. On the face of it, an ink-jet printer model seems cheaper than a laser printer when it comes to their respective unit prices. Prior to buying a printer, the costs of toner cartridges and ink cartridges must be factored in.

The cost of each page ranges from 25 cents to a dollar. These figures are applicable for ink-jet machines. When it comes to laser printers, the costs per page goes down appreciably. It follows that if one prints more pages, the laser printer is cheaper in the long run.

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