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Many people now earn a decent income by selling their products or services on multiple eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. If you sell a product through these portals, it follows that you must properly label your offering. In case your product is basic (like safety pins), the label is simply to confirm the identity of the product. The eCommerce company will label the product for you in such cases. You simply have to pay a nominal fee. However, if the product is an expensive one, It makes sense to label the product yourself. You have to buy an exclusive label printer to do this.

Only label printer will do

The next question is why can't you use your existing office or home printer to print labels for the products you sell. A label printer is a must as the others are not customizable. They are also not user-friendly. If you use standard printers, you will be forced to print multiple labels at one shot in a single sheet. There will be a massive loss of paper if you do not. It thus makes sense to invest in a good label printer. Since these machines were designed particularly to print labels, the printing and packaging process is thus optimized. You can print just the number of labels required at zero hassle. 

In short, buy a label printer if you want to sell products through eCommerce portals for sometime in the near future. This means in excess of 20 units every week. You need the machine to save time and energy. Buying the machine will also save your supply costs. A few printers generate 70 labels every minute. Compared to laser printers, the label printer is blazing fast. Best of all, since labels align, you can simply cut off and paste, making a swifter turn-around. There will be no sudden exhaustion of toner and ink as label printers function by thermal technology. No ink is to be replaced here, meaning you spend much less money on every label. The printer thus redeems its cost within a few months. 

Essential prints

Every label must have three components: Name, Condition, and the Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit in the form of a barcode. Every label must be on the packet's smooth portion. It should not impede the opening of the package, and should not be on the corners. It also must not be pasted on the package curves.

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