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High-quality, precision printing is not easy to achieve, especially if you have a number of varied materials and surfaces to print upon. It simply will not do to have clear prints on one type of surface and skewed prints with color variances on another, especially if you are creating a line of branded products with the business logo printed or something similar. The quality of the print can, and does reflect the brand, and it just needs to be pristine. These are the challenges where sublimation printers really demonstrate their worth. 

Top 4 reasons to choose a sublimation printer for your printing task

If you are hesitating to invest in a sublimation printer for your business, here are four of the best reasons why this could be your smartest move yet.

  1. Quick, speedy image transfer: Getting your printing done using a sublimation printer is a speedy affair. This means a cut down on the number of man-hours it takes for the job, which will result in an overall better productivity.
  2. Precision images: The output you get is uniform with a high level of precision and clarity across the surfaces and materials you are looking to print upon. The consistency you get with high-quality Sublijet and efficient sublimation printers is simply unmatched.
  3. High degree of customization: You can transfer virtually any image onto any surface no matter how complex it is. The images are created in popular software such as Photoshop, which means you can customize to your heart’s content.
  4. No fade ink: The ink used in sublimation printing turns to gas and permeates the polymer fiber thoroughly which means the dye is permanent and deeply entrenched. The color does not fade away quickly, leaving your prints looking fresh and new for a long long time.
Remember that the best printing output is achieved when you choose the right kind of sublimation blanks, coated with a polymer, to make it compatible with this kind of printing. You can get virtually any product that you need to be coated, in this way. For example, you may want to make up a corporate gift package with a mug, a dairy, a pen, and a planner, all to showcase the same business logo. In this case, you want to sign up with a reliable supplier who will deliver, in bulk, the ready- for- sublimation mugs, planners, and so on, coated with a polymer and ready for print.


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