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Plain colored ink will not go much further when it comes to making a big impression. Custom printing involves going beyond the boundaries of black, cyan, magenta, and the yellow color. You can add something special like thicker spot colors, metallic inks, embossing, spot varnish, and foil stamping.

About metallic ink

The metallic ink contains reflective metal particles like aluminum, copper, zinc, or bronze as a suspension. Drying of the ink results in the particles reflecting light. A metallic sheen is thus created. These inks add much more shine and color compared to regular inks. They are however less reflective than the pricier foil stamping. These are available in pure metallic colors like silver, gold, and bronze among others.

Metallic inks create a rare luster and shine which are not available in any standard ink. Gold and silver are the most used. Metallic inks are also available in burnished copper, vibrant purples, and hot reds. These are just right for presenting that premium image as they add the attention seeking shine to any kind of printed piece sans the pricier expense of foil stamping. Metallic inks can be incorporated in a number of different ways to any print material. Most print materials highlight the important points or headlines on fliers, postcards and brochures. They add elegance to any invitation art stationary which has silver or gold ink. Different metallic inks can be combined to make a unique design or image. The inks could be used to make special lettering or elements on presentation folders. 

Must know factors

If you have taken the decision to use metallic ink on the next printing project, it is a good idea to consider a few factors so that the best results can be had. The first is to so the homework. Be careful when choosing your printer. Not all printers have expertise with the metallic inks. Request a few samples of past work prior to finalizing the order. 

The printer must know what the end result should look like in the start of the process. Do not hesitate to  use a press proof. This will make sure you get the end result exactly as you want it.  If you want maximum shine, print on a coated stock. Glossier stocks are better. The coated ones have increased ink holdout. It means reduced ink will be absorbed into paper fibers. It will sit on the paper, providing it an excellent shine.

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