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Vinyl cutters are sharp blade devices used to accurately cut out patterns from vinyl sheets and paper. While these are usually priced high, HeatPressNation.com has a great range of vinyl cutters at reasonable prices. With these on hand, you can complete your equipment kit to enhance your printing business.

So, while this is an essential tool, how much do you really know about it? To make it simple for you folks, HeatPressNation.com has put together a little something to make your vinyl cutting experience more informed.

The Difference of Professional & Amateur Use

When it comes to categorization based on the purpose of usage, a vinyl cutter can be used for commercial purposes or for a hobby. A commercial cutter is designed for cutting through vinyl, in a precise sort of way. The blade, the cutting head and the software, all developed for precision. On the other hand, the Craft cutter is one used for amateur projects like smaller t-shirt businesses. They lack the thoroughness and the cutting depth.

Vinyl Cutters & Your Material

For cutting through heat transfer vinyl, sign vinyl and heat transfer paper, you don’t need anything specialized. A less expensive model will be just fine. However, if you expect growth in your business in the next few months, then you might want a vinyl cutter that can cut through foil, thick plastic, and other kinds of fabrics. Flatbed vinyl cutters are relatively more effective in this regard, as compared to roll-fed machines.

Ensure the Vinyl Cutter & Software are Compatible

It is essential that your vinyl cutter be compatible your graphic design software, as this facilitates ease of processing each of your vinyl cuts. Ideally, your graphic design software will have direct-connect compatibility, allowing you to cut directly from the graphic design software of your choice. If your design software is not directly compatible with your vinyl cutter however, all cutters carried by HeatPressNation.com include cutting software that you may use to import your designs into, to then then send to your cutter. Check out our software available to you.

Other Supplies You Need with Your Vinyl Cutter

Oh, it doesn’t end just there! Now that you know about vinyl cutters, here are a few tools that are a must have for your heat press business:

  • Weeding Tool
  • Squeegees Scraping Tool
  • Tee Square It
  • A Guide

Get all your supplies here!

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