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For many commercial printers, the large format printer is the one which brings in the revenues. It is the most profitable machine in the print shop. Neglect of this machine will result in it stopping, and thus your revenue stream will also dry up.

It is perfectly okay to encounter a few mechanical hiccups while operating it in a professional environment. Many minor calls to the company can be avoided if a preventive maintenance regimen is conducted on a regular basis. Preventive maintenance will keep the printer in prime working condition- and will make sure that the money comes flowing in. 

Recommendations by the manufacturer

When you bought that printer, it came with an owner's manual. This is a superb book for such activity. Manufacturers generally offer particular maintenance schedules for each model. The book will contain yearly, monthly, and daily maintenance procedures. You simply have to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. The book, unsurprisingly, can be a goldmine of information. You can use the knowledge to excel the print quality. 

Maintenance kit 

You should always keep a few items besides you to ensure that the printer gets adequate care. If you are unsure about which particular maintenance products to keep, like the all important maintenance fluids, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer. It is important that you avoid all damage to the machine's integral components like the print heads. 

Make a cleaning schedule 

Implementing any preventive maintenance regimen means consistency and discipline. This will take the form of a weekly or daily ritual. You have to perform certain tasks every day, like cleaning the print nozzle and the print head. Ensure that all nozzles fire as expected. Monitor prints all through the day. Do additional cleanings when required to do so. Other than a daily routine, it is extremely important to adopt weekly maintenance routines, This is done for deeper cleaning activities. The easiest way is to do it the day before the machine is turned off for the weekend. 

Additional considerations 

Other than general maintenance, it makes sense to be knowledgeable when it comes to calibrating the printers. In case the printing defects continue to be there even after a thorough maintenance and cleaning regimen is done, make all necessary adjustments. Evaluate the print quality at regular intervals. Do remember that ink equals blood to the printer. The instances of printing defects like clogged nozzles go down dramatically if preventive maintenance is done on a regular basis.

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