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If you buy an expensive smartphone, it makes perfect sense to spend a little more amount of money to ensure it does not get broken or scratched. There are a number of opportunities to do so: the device could drop from your hand or a toddler could pour water on it, and many more unfortunate occurrences.

Although smartphones are getting handier by the model, and some even claim to be waterproof, the truth is that not many phones will emerge from the accident without any damage. It is thus important that you invest in a better quality phone-case.

Level of protection 

This depends on how clumsy you are. You need to find out the toughness of the case. A good quality case will protect your phone from a drop to the concrete from your hand. It may also plonk in the water for a few seconds without any damage.

Read reviews 

It makes excellent sense to read the reviews of the phone cases you are interested to buy. In case, the phone is a new model, and review of the case is not available, read reviews of other products made by the same manufacturer. This will provide you a general review of the product you are about to buy. Do go through the internet forums. They offer fresher information than commercial site reviews. Do confirm if the case cut-outs are precise. Cheaper cases are shoddily made and there is no port and comes with stiff button covers. If your phone does wireless charging, check without the phone's manufacturer whether the case is compatible or not.

Best price 

Only the full price will be displayed on the manufacturer's website (if any). Rarely a person gives full price for a product which is available at popular shopping sites at much discounted rates. The best way to save money is to execute a comparison search. Do note that a few companies provide lifetime warranties and discount of such products will be less. These kind of premium phone cases are also more expensive. If you want to keep your phone in pristine condition, go for it!

Features are important 

Consider the extra features you could want. For bigger phones, a stand function can be a vital one. A few cases provide 360 degree hinges or multiple positions. Cheaper cases have kickstands popping out of the back. If you buy one with a kickstand, make sure that they are secure. It is a killjoy if the kickstand suddenly pops out uninvited.

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