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The first step in buying the right heat press machine involves shortlisting the bestselling brands of heat presses. Here is your guide to the most popular, efficient and affordable heat press brands in the market!

  • Geo Knight

    Geo Knight is among the most popular brands in the printing industry and is known for its superior quality equipment. Whether you’re looking to heat press t-shirts, plates, tiles, mugs or any other object/surface, the brand will offer the right solution to meet your specific needs and within the stated budget. It offers a range of different commercial grade and hobby presses, both manual and automated. The company’s factory is located in Brockton, MA.
  • HIX

    HIX is undoubtedly a world leader in technology, design and innovation and manufactures high-end products for the graphic printing, industrial oven and food service markets. The energy-efficient and high-performance HIX products, including heat presses are manufactured and engineered in the United States. The brand offers a range of heat press machines including clamshell presses, swing-away presses, specialty presses and accessories.
  • Stahl’s Hotoronix

    The heat presses from Stahls' Hotronix are conceptualized and engineered by a team of experts who have extensive knowledge about heat printing. The company is committed to manufacturing products that can meet the shifting needs of professionals in the heat printing business. The company is based in the United States and offers a series of innovative heat presses including the Dual Air Fusion, Air Fusion, Fusion, Hover, Ball Press and Auto Clam.
  • Insta Graphic

    Insta Graphic Systems was established in 1959 and is committed to providing innovative heat transfer technologies to its customers. It offers a variety of different heat press machines including manual heat press machines, automatic heat press machines and specialty presses.

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