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A good alternative to Screen Printing, a Heat Pressing machine can help you to make quality customized T-Shirts, all from the comfort of your very own work space. Although screen printing is good from the perspective of lasting quality, a Heat Pressing machine gets the job done just as well. In fact, from a stray person’s point of view, it is difficult to tell the difference between Screen Printing and Heat Pressed products. Heat Pressing is also an easier alternative to Screen Printing, and it is more affordable as well. This makes it the go-to choice for many people. Where Screen Printing is concerned, you need to have orders in bulk quantities to make up for your initial investment. However Heat Pressing makes the job a lot easier to handle, and is preferred by many T-Shirt entrepreneurs over Screen Printing.

How to Use a Heat Pressing Machine

It may look difficult at first, but once you have a general knack for the process, a Heat Pressing machine is relatively easy to use. You can either opt for a basic Heat Pressing machine, or a professional one. The basic one is something you can use at home, and is good for personal requirements. While a professional one is made for bulk quantity orders and has more sophisticated heat and temperature settings. No matter which you pick, the basic process remains the same.

First turn the device on, and then flip the thermostat setting towards the right until you see a red light. When you see your desired temperature on the device, then turn the knob back towards the left. Your desired temperature will be maintained as the heating light switches between on and off. If your machine has come equipped with a digital timer, then press that timer. The moment you hear an alarm, press stop to allow it to reset. After this, you should lift up the handle to open the Heat Pressing machine, and deposit the T-Shirt and the Transfer Paper on it, ensuring that they are both facing down. Then bring the handle back down and set the timer depending on the instructions you have on the Transfer Paper. When the job is done, all you have to do is lift the handle off the press and remove the Transfer Paper. You should give at least 24 hours for the print to properly adhere to the Transfer Paper.

Tips When Using a Heat Pressing Machine

You should not be afraid to use too much heat when using a Heat Pressing machine. It is important to remember that it is the heat that allows the print to appear on the T-Shirt and as such, too much is not a bad thing. As long as you follow the heat settings on the Transfer Paper, everything should turn out alright. 

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