Which Ink System Should I Choose For My New Sawgrass Printer?

The new Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 sublimation printers each come with three different ink options: Sublijet-UHD, EasySubli, and ChromaBlast. This of course leads to the question, “Which one is right for me?” In this blog we’re going to briefly cover each ink system, their strengths & weaknesses, and recommended use.

This is the standard ink system for Sawgrass sublimation printers. Sublijet-UHD is a top-quality sublimation ink that was specifically formulated for use with Sawgrass Sublimation printers. This ink is commonly paired with TexPrint-R or TexPrint-XPHR sublimation paper to produce transfers for customizing coffee mugs, coasters, photo panels, keychains, ornaments, and literally thousands of other sublimation blanks. It also works perfectly with 100% polyester materials. Check out this video playlist to get a more detailed explanation of how sublimation works, with plenty of examples.

Of the three ink systems, Sublijet-UHD works best on traditional sublimation blanks like 100% polyester materials, coffee mugs, coasters, ornaments, photo panels, etc. (There are literally thousands of other sublimation blanks available) Sublijet-UHD is also compatible with Siser EasySubli printable heat transfer vinyl.

Sublijet-UHD is our most popular and widely-recommended ink system for Sawgrass printers, due to its quality and the myriad of products that can be customized. It is the ideal choice for those who plan to mainly sublimate traditional blanks, as mentioned above.

This ink was developed specifically for use with the EasySubli printable media. As previously mentioned, standard sublimation ink will not work on cotton or dark garments. Siser worked in conjunction with Sawgrass to develop a printable media that could allow people to use their Sawgrass sublimation printers (along with a vinyl cutter) to create transfers for cotton and dark-colored garments. Check out this video for a more detailed look at this material and how to use it.

EasySubli ink has been formulated to yield the best results on the EasySubli printable media. It is also compatible with traditional sublimation blanks.

EasySubli is the perfect choice for those who plan to mostly use their sublimation printer to use Siser EasySubli printable media on colored cotton garments.

ChromaBlast is a unique ink and paper system that is much different from the two other inks already mentioned. This product has a very specific application: white and light-colored 100% cotton garments. The process and products produced with this paper are very similar to light inkjet heat transfer paper. However, transfers made with ChromaBlast have extra longevity and durability compared to other transfer paper. Check out this video for a more detailed look at ChromaBlast and how to use it. 

ChromaBlast ink works exclusively with ChromaBlast media on compatible garments. It cannot be used like the other 2 inks to customize traditional sublimation blanks. ChromaBlast cannot be used to sublimate traditional blanks like coffee mugs, photo panels, 100% polyester, etc.

ChromaBlast has a very limited and specific application. However, it performs this application very well. So if you are looking for a way to customize white/light colored 100% cotton garments with full-color images, ChromaBlast may be the right choice for you.



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