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Why Water-Based Ink For Screen Printing?

An increasing number of printers now prefer water based print technology in place of plastisol ink. The science has advanced dramatically over the last few years. It is now the ink of choice of many premium printers. One look at the stunning results and it is easy to understand why. Customers have also wised up to the new technology and demand this from their printers. Companies like Adidas and Nike specifically use the latest water-based ink in their screen printing processes. Not only these two global brands, many other trendsetters have switched over to water-based inks.

Higher quality prints

From the consumer's point of view, the water-based prints are much better. The results are not only nice and tasteful, they also appear sophisticated. This is a far cry from the days when shirts were printed in such thick prints that they looked like they can stop a bullet. The design those days were printed on solid underbase prints and both were stacked on top of each other. To the modern customer, even comparing water-based prints with plastisol prints is unfair. The touch tests of water-based prints are much better. They are more soft and flexible. 

Higher quality prints use water-based inks. This is possible because water inks are much thinner. They also sit deeper within the fabric used to make the garment. It means the printer can print in higher detail. Registration is much better. Printing is also possible on more delicate garments than plastisol and other thicker inks. The result is superior quality garments and thus higher profits if sold commercially. The water-based prints also assist you to be distinct. Your products can stand out among all others in the market. 

Educate customers

If you already do water-based printing, then it makes sense to educate customers in the market. This way, your print shop can rise above its competitors even in a challenging competitive environment. When you teach your customers the basics of how to look for print quality, you automatically differentiate yourself from competitors. You also enjoy increased customer loyalty. Do not hesitate to take on more jobs of the standard kind. Do remember that government regulations exist on matters of printing on textiles meant to be worn by children. It helps water-based printing makes a wise choice when it comes to protecting the environment.

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