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Texture Printing

Transparent inks give prints a matte or special glossy finish. Such effects depend on the LED lamps settings in the printer. The transparent ink can also be used to print relief. Some good examples are patterns, crocodile skin, and the extremely useful Braille. Such special effects can be quickly added to the prints using the print machine manufacturer's proprietary color library.

Texture finish is a premium print enhancement. This finish adds relief to the selected images and text. The end result is similar to embossing. A 3D effect can be achieved by coating ink powder on desired areas and then applying heat to make a raised effect. Premium printing machines incorporate an advanced process which creates a layer that applies the texture to existing text or image files. The effect will match the physical characteristics.


The texture is best applied in high-quality business cards. Do note that texture printing is not compatible with other finishes like Spot UV or Full UV. It provides the print a distinct appearance which makes it attractive and easily distinguishable in any pack.

Effects using transparent ink

You can use transparent ink to make three varieties of special effects. These are embossing a glossy finish, and a matte finish. Embossing involves printing multiple layers stacked on one another. The print machine manufacturer usually encloses a special set of instructions on how to go about it. Follow those steps.

Adding special effects

Select the vector image or text which you want to provide a special effect. Select the proper option in the printer. It will be under the design element icon. In case you wish to add a glossy finish to a design, copy that design to a new layer.

Print matte and gloss

You can determine the special effects you want to incorporate in the print. Locate the software best useful for printing matte or gloss. You can also emboss using this method. If you want to emboss, you must indicate the number of layers you wish to print on one another. The greater number of layers mean better seeing and feeling the structure. Specify the number of layers in the machine.

Texture printing

The print machine manufacturer will provide you with a texture library which you can use the transparent ink to print. Better quality machines have about 72 patterns like stars, polka dots, and squares. Selecting any one is similar to selecting a color. Choose a matte option to create excellent effects. Choose overprint to make thicker patterns.

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