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Running a heat transfer business means that you rely on your vinyl cutter and cutting mat for various customization projects, often involving heat transfer vinyl. But as you know, the cutting mat can quickly become a mess with dust, torn paper bits, and stubborn residue, eventually causing it to lose its adhesive grip. This can be a major setback, especially when you're working on important customization jobs.

The good news is, AlbaChem has come to the rescue with two fantastic products designed to rejuvenate your cutting mat. Say hello to AlbaChem Cutting Mat Cleaner and Eco Mist Adhesive Spray!

Step 1: Cleaning Your Cutting Mat

Before you get started, make sure to protect your work surface by covering it with parchment paper or a similar temporary covering to prevent any residue from sticking. This ensures a clean and hassle-free workspace.

  1. Place your cutting mat on the covered surface.
  2. Lightly spray AlbaChem Cutting Mat Cleaner all over the mat.
  3. Use a squeegeeing tool to remove the residue.

Voila! Your cutting mat is now fresh and ready for action!

Step 2: Restoring Adhesive with AlbaChem Eco Mist

Now, it's time to restore your cutting mat's adhesive grip with AlbaChem Eco Mist Adhesive Spray. This spray is ideal for the job because of its fast-tacked and repositionable nature, which perfectly matches the requirements of your cutting mat.

  1. Secure the cutting mat to your work surface using wide strips of protective tape, ensuring the tape covers the mat's edges while leaving the adhesive part exposed.
  2. Lightly spray Eco Mist all around the cutting mat's adhesive surface and let it settle for 1 to 2 minutes.

With a light application of Eco Mist, materials like vinyl and heat transfer paper will now securely adhere to your mat, preventing any slipping or misalignment.

Finally, remove the protective tape from the mat, and your cutting mat is good as new, ready to tackle more customization projects.

Ready to give your cutting mat the refresh it deserves? Click here to find AlbaChem Cutting Mat Cleaner and Eco Mist. Don't let a dirty, uncooperative cutting mat hinder your small business's creative potential. Get the tools you need to make your customization projects a breeze!

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