What will you Sublimate?

With a sublimation printer, you can make exactly what you want exactly the way you want it. How you may ask? It all starts with the right printer and ink to unleash your creativity. Sublimation printing uses heat to bring ink and fabric together as one. But, how? I'm glad we've piqued your interest. Before sublimating anything the following are essential: (Sublimation printer & ink, Sublimation paper, Heat Pressing Machine, Sublimation blank(s), Imagination & fun) Ready? Awesome. First, let's print a sublimation design - let your imagination flow! Remember, sublimation ink is paired with sublimation paper and not standard copy paper. When placed under the heat the ink becomes a gas binding to the fabric and printing onto it. Consistent heat and pressure from the heat pressing machine ensure great results! In minutes - you have yourself a customized product. The results are permanent and won't crack, peel or fade from the sublimation blanks. It is a popular growing high-quality print method that is for everyone whether you're creating for fun or even implementing it into a business. So, what will you sublimate onto?

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