Neenah Image Clip for Koncert T's - 8.5" x 11" - 50 Sheets

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Neenah Paper

Neenah Paper has been an industry leader in the creation, development, and improvement of heat transfer products since their first patent was granted in 1980.

The IMAGE CLIP KONCERT-T'S Heat Transfer Paper is the perfect solution for transferring those otherwise difficult white images onto your dark fabrics. There is no need to trim the paper, as this paper is self-weeding and leaves no background plastic polymer.

*Packaging may vary*

Tips and Tricks for the Best Result:

  • Transfer paper is intended for use with cotton, cotton blend fabrics, and synthetic fabrics.
  • Compatible only with white toner laser printers.
  • Apply to dark color fabrics only.
  • Print using mirror image setting.
  • When printing, use a heavy paper mode such as "transparency" or "label," as this will slow the printing process so that the toner may properly adhere to the paper.
  • Stretch the transfer immediately after application to increase softness and durability.
  • Do not wash the heat pressed item for 24 hours after application.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Keep transfer paper in moisture resistant protective sleeve when not in use.

Media Instuctions


  • For use with dark fabrics
  • Requires a laser printer
  • Print in reverse
  • Suggested Temperature & Time: 375°F for 20 seconds
  • Heavy pressure
  • Cold peel
  • Instruction manual

Includes: 50 printable & 50 imaging sheets (50 transfers total)

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Neenah IMAGE CLIP KONCERT-T's Transfer Paper Care & Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Aaron Dean


Andrea Steinmetz
Can achieve true white!

In order to achieve true white you have to do 2 things: First, print in the same color as your shirt. So if you want white on purple shirts, print your graphics is PURPLE to match the shirt color. If you have a red shirt print all red graphics, etc. Secondly, do a test print in gradient scale. I designed a sample page of ten identical boxes, the first box had 100% black, the second box had 90% black, third 80%, etc. All the way down to 10% color. I printed all these boxes on one sheet of koncert tee paper. My first press, I made the paper sandwich. The two sheets peel apart beautifully. I then pressed the transfer onto a scrap t-shirt (in the same color as my print). Note which box shows the true white color best. For my printer is was the 50% box. So now I can save toner by only printing 50% toner and achieve excellent white results

Art Engram
Expensive but way cheaper than white toner printer

Must play around with the amount and color of underbase toner to get the best "white" on your garments

Debra Claussen
No where near white.

I have an OKI-831 TS. Unfortunately this line of transfer paper fails to produce a white image on black shirts. The images at BEST case is a pale gray throwing away any expectations of being able use this paper for its supposed purpose of printing white on black tees. What a waste!

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