Specialty Materials Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex Ultra 19" x 20 Yards

SKU: PSGFU-09-19P20

Color: Glitterflex Aqua
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Introducing Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex™ Ultra! Get the same great look of the GlitterFlex™ Ultra without using a heat press. This pressure sensitive sticker film can go on just about any smooth, dry surface. Put your glitter designs onto canvas, cups*, tables, trays, mirrors, mailboxes, vases, cell phones, laptops, lamp shades, walls, wine bottles and glasses, etc.

*Not recommended for washing. Do not use outdoors or in direct sunlight - fading will occur.

Application and care:

  • Mask using hard force with a squeegee and slowly peel liner from decal.
  • Not recommended for washing
  • Recommended 60° blade
  • Cut this material in "right-reading"

Specialty Materials GlitterFlex Ultra Care & Instructions

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