Uninet Black DTF Adhesive PreTreat Powder


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Uninet DTF

Uninet DTF Adhesive PreTreat Powder works with all DTF printers utilizing DTF ink and DTF PreTreat Sheets or Rolls.

White DTF Powder is best for use with white or light colored garments. Black DTF Powder is best for use with black or dark colored garments.

The black powder works in the same way that white powder does. When using on a black or dark colored garment, any stray adhesive that may have been left on the transfer sheet will blend in with the color of the shirt.

Uninet DTF Transfer Adhesive Powder is a proprietary, specially formulated Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Hot Melt Adhesive Powder, also referred to as 'PreTreat' powder.

How it Works:

  1. Print to DTF Transfer Sheets or Rolls
  2. Then cover your print with DTF Adhesive Powder powder and cure
  3. Finally, heat press it to your garments or textiles.

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