Uninet IColor Subli-Clean Sublimation Film for Hard Surfaces - 8.5" x 100 Foot Roll


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Uninet IColor

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Uninet IColor Subli-Clean Sublimation Film for Hard Surfaces - 8.5" x 100 Foot Roll. For most hard surfaces, the use of UNINET SubliClean film will prevent toner residue from transferring to the substrate during the pressing process. SubliClean is used in between the substrate and the printed transfer.

Now comes with a convenient cutter in the box!

Instructions for Best Results:

  1. Unroll and cut a piece of SubliClean slightly larger than the size of the substrate.
  2. Lay it flat on the substrate, then cover with the printed transfer sheet.
  3. Press as indicated for the specific substrate.
  4. When using SubliClean, all hot peels now become warm peels. Otherwise, it will not peel away cleanly.
  5. Subliclean should peel cleanly once it has cooled and solidified.
  6. Discard after use, do not reuse.
  7. Not for use on fabrics or garments. Only for use on hard surfaces!
  8. The result will be a brighter, glossier image on your substrate.

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