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USB isn't the only way to connect your Sawgrass printer onto a computer! In this blog and video, we'll be showing other methods to connect your Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 to any Windows and Mac computer.

Before We Begin... & Ethernet Note

When you first use your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 out of the box, you’ll most likely connect it to your computer with the included USB cable. However, another two methods are ready to connect your Sawgrass printer if you’re out of USB ports or prefer to connect wirelessly. You can use an ethernet cable, or you can connect to the printer through a WiFi network. Setting up your Sawgrass printer through ethernet is as simple as plugging in the right cable. When installing its drivers through the Sawgrass Print Manager software, you can choose to connect to it through your network.

SG500/1000 Wireless Network Setup

As wireless connectivity is a new feature to Sawgrass printers, let’s first cover how to connect an SG500 to any wireless network. This will also apply to the SG1000 as it uses the same front control panel. First, press the Menu button, and use the arrow and OK buttons to navigate through the following submenus: System Settings, Interface Settings, Network, and LAN Type. Choose Wireless LAN as your LAN Type, then press OK.

Next, press Cancel, then go to the Wireless LAN menu and find Wireless LAN Easy Setup. Choose SSID Auto Search, then after it finishes searching for wireless networks, select yours and enter your password if prompted. Press the button below Enter to begin typing your password. Once typed, press the button below Accept, and your printer is now connected to your wireless network!

Driver Installation

If you haven’t added your printer to the Sawgrass Print Manager yet, the next step is to install the drivers. On a Windows computer, open Sawgrass Print Manager, then right click the orange PM icon to select Manage Printers. Click the Setup New Printer button and choose your Sawgrass printer. Click Install, then OK, and follow along with the driver installer.

In the Select Method to Add Printer section, choose “Connect to a printer port or LAN,” and “Search for printers automatically.” Make sure your Sawgrass printer is powered on and connected through ethernet or your wireless network.

To find the IP address on your printer: press the Menu button, then go to System Settings, Interface Settings, Network, and Machine IPv4 Address. Here you’ll find the printer’s IP address for reference.

Back on the computer, click Next and the installer will attempt to find your Sawgrass printer. If the connection works, continue to finish the driver installation. If the installer doesn’t find your printer, you can select “Search for printers by specified IP address” and use the IP address as shown on your printer. Once the driver installation is complete, you’re now ready to use your SG500 or SG1000 through a wired, or wireless network connection with Sawgrass Print Manager!

If you’re installing the drivers on a Mac however, be sure that the ethernet cable on the printer is unplugged and turn it off before installing. Then after the installation is done, reconnect and power on the printer, then add it to your Mac with the System Preferences app.

You can learn more about adding your Sawgrass SG500 or SG1000 on a Mac in our main setup video.

Your Sawgrass printer is now connected through your ethernet or wireless network! For any questions or issues about Sawgrass printers or other sublimation products, please visit the Contact Us/Support Page here at HeatPressNation.com. You can also call our MyExpert representatives at 800-215-0894.




I just bought a new SG500 and was completely overwhelmed by the process but this broke everything down for me so perfectly and made it such a simple and smooth process! Thank you!



Hi. When will we be able to download the driver on tablets? Any idea. Would,d like to design and print though Samsung tab

Tiffany Collins

Tiffany Collins

Hi this may sound stupid but I recently purchased a sawgrass printer and want to make sure I have the right laptop to operate with this printer is it possible for someone to let me know the requirements of compatibility? Thank you

Gary L. Williams

Gary L. Williams

I recently purchased a SG500 printer for my office and was wondering if it is possible to connect my Home PC to it as well? I would like to use Creative Studio from home and check the preview of any items I set up in CS. However, I am unable to download PM on my home computer because it cannot locate my SG500 which is in another location. Thank you for your assistance.

Gary Williams

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