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If you are in the sports wear manufacturing segment, you know how important it is to deliver resilient, durable products that offer maximum comfort. The wearer must be able to ‘live’ in this apparel, carry out all of their exercising or sports time activities without any hassle. The fact is that, with sportswear, even the smallest oversight at design or manufacturing time can mean that the product fails to give the wearer the 100% convenience and comfort that is so very critical.

Clothing tags that impair comfort

One of the common oversights in this respect is the clothing tag used. Often, the tag chafes against that wearer’s skin, making it impossible to focus on the sport. Thankfully, there is a simple solution for this little problem that can affect your profits in a big way. Just use a heat press to get your labeling done tag free and you get rid of the problem.

Your heat press machine gives you an excellent alternative to the clothing tag that requires the addition of an extra bit of material to the garment, creating the possibility of chafing against the skin or brushing against the skin, resulting an unpleasant sensation for the wearer. Instead of your conventional woven labels that really become uncomfortable when the wearer is sweating after a long exercise or sports session, the heat press machine leaves no tactile, evident mark and this is perfect considering the purpose that the garment is designed for.

Simple, quick and affordable method

Apart from the fact that heat press machines can eliminate a problem that can curb the sales of the sportswear items, there are other advantages to using this method to create tag less clothing. The first one is that you can get the prints done at a fast pace. This allows you to enhance your production rate dramatically so that you can meet high demand easily, without compromising on quality anywhere.

The other big advantage with heat press transfers is that the print quality is accurate and flawless. With small print requirements like your logo or brand name on the garment, it is absolutely critical that the output is decipherable and clearly visible and this is easy to achieve with a heat press machine.

As a savvy business owner, it is in your best interests to invest in a heat press right away because of the many advantages it can offer for your sportswear business.

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