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When you are looking to keep pace with the competition in your business niche, product quality and finesse need to be given top priority. If you sell custom printed products such as mugs, caps or T-shirts, you want to make sure that your customers can find no fault with the precision of the design or the brightness of colors. The resilience and durability of the prints are another important point to consider because your customers will want their printed designs to retain the color and definition to perfection. Heat presses machines can deliver the premium quality output that you need to keep your customers happy and cement your position as a leader in your industry niche.

Why is the heat press machine perfect for your needs?

Heat presses transfer an image onto a suitable surface. Very high temperatures are used to carry out the image transfer and substantial pressures come into play during the process as well. When the heat press brings enough pressure to bear, under high temperature for a specific period of time, the image is transferred reliably and efficiently. The resultant image is permanent and it does not fade away with time or with use. This makes heat presses a viable option for designing and printing items that are frequently used or that are washed regularly. For example, these are ideal for clothes designing and also for designing items like plates or mugs that will be frequently handled and regularly cleaned.

These heat presses machines make it possible to achieve professional quality results because, with them, it is possible to get the 375° to 425° F temperature as well as the 40- 80 psi pressure that is necessary to get good image transfers. This is impossible to achieve with laminating devices or hand held heating devices such as ironing machines. The fact is that when you can apply the ideal temperature and pressure, your chances of getting picture perfect output are far higher.

A key point to remember is to make sure that the surface on which you want to print has the right kind of coating that works best with the heat press machine transfer. Getting your materials pre-coated from a reliable source is a good way to ensure that your print quality remains top notch and that your heat press transfer gives you the best possible results.

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