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For the creative soul that wants to personalize their accessories, finding exactly what you want in the market can be rather difficult. Instead of hunting around each and every store you find for that mug with the perfect time caption, why not consider making it yourself? Sublimation printing is a process that does not have a steep learning curve. You would need to have an initial investment where you gather all your supplies before you start your printing journey, but there is one thing you must keep in mind: you cannot just print on any surface. There are specific rules to a successful sublimation printing process. Whether you are looking to start your own manufacturing business, or just want to invest in your own DIY-shop, the only surface you can use sublimation printing on are on sublimation blanks.

Fashion That Defines You 

Sublimation blanks are essentially blank canvases for you to print your ideal creations on. These can come in the form of anything from mugs to shirts, tags for your bags or even pets, picture frames, plates, cutting boards, wall clocks, coasters, plaques and many many more items. It is very interesting to note that the ink that goes into creating the impressions on these sublimation blanks turn into gas directly from solid. The process is started by exposure to heat and is then controlled by pressure as well as time. When printing onto sublimation blanks, always remember to follow the advice of the manufacturer in the process thoroughly. The reason why you cannot print on just any random surface is because the ink will not stay on every surface. Items like ceramics or metal do not have the right surface structure to ensure that the printing is successful. The surface of the item you want to heat press must first be treated to ensure they are able to retain the impressions pressed upon it. 

Accessorize Your Essence 

Sublimation blanks are treated so that when you heat press your design on them, the design gets permanently imprinted on the object. The process only works on light colors ranging from white to very light colors like light blue or light green. Dark colors like black or red are not ideal as sublimation blanks. When you want to print an image onto a sublimation blank, you must first transfer the image onto a sublimation transfer paper. Once on the paper, you can use your heat press machine after placing this transfer paper on top of the sublimation blank. Create the perfect accessories,  create your own style. 

Sublimation blanks

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