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A multi-function heat press is one which has a traditional flat-heat plate for pressing flat substrates like t-shirts and can also get attached to platens or presses for pressing non-flat surfaces like mugs or plates.

Multi-function heat presses are typically equipped with an outlet that facilitates the plugging in of various heat platens. This outlet can be found on its control panel, generally below the temperature and digital time display. While some multi-function heat press devices are ‘5 in 1’; others could be ‘6 in 1’ or ‘8 in 1’. These heat presses usually come with the following attachments:

  • Mug press
  • Cap/hat press
  • Plate press

In addition to this, they obviously have a primary heat press measuring either 15 x 15 or 12 x 15 inches.

Attachment of Supplementary Presses

The three attachment presses that come with multi-function heat presses connect electrically via the primary outlet, found on the machine’s control box. But there is a difference in the way in which each heat press is attached to the machine. For instance, a mug press is an independent device which gets plugged into the main control box for operation. The cap or hat heat press, on the other hand, is not that simple to attach to the multi-function heat press. You need to first unscrew the lower and top platens and remove them from the main machine. The cap/hat platens are screwed into the place of the original platens, with the upper platen linked to the main control panel.

Some machines might offer additional attachments because they have multiple sized plate or mug attachments. Hence, you can get three distinct attachments in various sizes.

Some of the common features of a multi-function heat press include the following:

  • Fully digital time and temperature control
  • Electronically controlled processing time
  • Well-built, solid steel frame
  • Easy adjustment of pressure
  • Ability to work on multiple surfaces including fabric, ceramic and glass

Who Needs a Multi-function Heat Press?

Multi-function heat presses are a great investment for those looking to print graphics on t-shirts, plates, caps, mugs and a variety of other surfaces. While these machines are commonly used by businesses that are involved in manufacturing digitally printed products, they may also find use among people interested in home crafts and creative project work. In fact, these machines are also recommended for fun home-school projects!

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