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Every entrepreneur must have good knowledge of how imprinting process works. This will help the person to select the best material and the best strategy on how to do printables. Do note that digital print options also exist, like dye sublimation and solvent printable films. Most businesses, however, earn money by using vinyl cutters and vector software. The good news is that making vinyl signs are the same all over the industry. Both sign making and t-shirt graphics are vector centric processes. You require a personal computer or laptop, vinyl cutter or a cutting plotter and vector software.

Starting up

Other than these, a heat press is compulsory equipment. Buy an economically priced machine if you are just starting your business. In case you have deep pockets, and want to snatch the market from its present rulers, then you need a better quality of machines. Similar to vinyl signs, you must reverse image prior to its cut. The process of creating and then applying letters on a jersey or t-shirt is an almost identical process like making vinyl graphics. It is important that you must reverse the file prior to sending the design job from the vector software to the vinyl cutter. The reversed file must be the original design's mirror image. This is done due to he way heat transfer film is made and shipped. 

Not right reading

Most of the t-shirt transfer films are made of a single liner. A few have an extra liner which protects the film when it is in transit. When it comes to such products, you must cut away the section of the extra liner prior to cutting or plotting the job. Once the graphic is cut, weed it like a normal vinyl. When it is completely weeded, the clear liner will show graphic on bottom. Put weeded graphic on garment on the heat press so that it becomes “right reading”. Cover film using Teflon sheet. This will enable an even distribution of heat. It will prevent anything to stick to the platen. When the film is completely pressed, wait for the recommended time period before removing liner. 

PU compared to PVC

Many prefer polyurethane films as their desired medium for the t-shirt transfer graphics. Such PU products are more stretchable and thinner so that they will feel like part of garment. This makes them ideal for apparel graphics.  The PVC t-shirt films are thicker. They are also cheaper compared to polyurethane films. 

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