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Every print shop needs a paper cutter. Most print shops have multiple paper cutters. The kind of paper cutters to have depends on the job being done. For most print shops, the answer is only paper is to be cut. Now the second question: will a single sheet be cut? Or thick stacks of paper? In most printing shops, the answer is both of them.

Paper cutters are of two kinds: rotary and guillotine. Before you rush to buy any one of them, consider the speed and the volume. You must also take into account staff safety and the accuracy of the cuts made by the machine. 

Guillotine cutters 

Guillotine cutters are found more in print shops. These are sharp machines and can cut through a number of sheets without any problem. Measurement guides are available on the machine's working surface. Putting multiple sheets at any time will save money, but may go against accuracy. Some high end models have lockable gauges and clamps to help with the accurate part. The most impressive ones are the safety features. Guillotine cutters come in different models. Some permit bigger sheets of paper. They also provide greater working space.

When it comes to cutting large paper stacks, a hydraulic paper cutter is perfect for the job. These machines make an accurate cut. These machines can be programmed. They are equipped with safety mechanisms. Even a lay person can operate them without fear of injury or doing a shoddy work. The toughest challenge is to teach a person which direction to turn the stack so that it cut in a proper manner. A few specialized manufacturers sell larger guillotine paper cutters capable of tackling bigger volume projects. They are used to cut bigger paper stacks. 

Rotary cutters

The most accurate cut is possible only with rotary cutters. High end machines comes with exemplary measurement guides. There is also a tungsten blade. The blade is a self-sharpening one. Other than paper, the rotary cutter can also easily slice through cardboard and even plastic. The metal blade carriage is ergonomic. It fits perfectly within the hand of the machine operator. Stability of the blade is assured with twin sliding poles. This makes for a stunningly accurate cut. Accuracy is maintained as it is with paper. It is a perfectly safe machine and operators can do machine work without any fear of injury. 

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