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More Summer Potential With Siser Vinyl

Previously we’ve covered the step-by-steps on a couple of potential adhesive vinyl projects to gear up your summer of customization. But if you’re looking for more ideas on where to go for the season, we’ll be covering a few other items that can be customized with Siser heat transfer and adhesive vinyl.

First up are beach towels. While these are typically customized through embroidery, it’s possible to apply heat transfers on flatly-textured towels. Though you would want to avoid thin materials to keep the transfer in form, while also avoiding anything too solid to keep the towel as soft as possible. For one of the softest feeling vinyls, we recommend Siser Stripflock Pro. This specialty vinyl offers a raised, suede-like texture when applied. It’s available in many essential colors, and is safe on kids items as a CPSIA Certified transfer. On beach towels, Stripflock Pro is the next best alternative to an embroidered design. You can easily cut and apply thick lettering of one’s name, or a simplified logo of your local sports team, all while keeping the feel velvety enough to blend in with the towel.

Next, consider the practicality of beach buckets. They may seem like they’re only used to create sand castles, but there’s no stopping anyone from using them for other purposes like storing cold drinks or keeping smaller trash to dump later. As a personalized item, they can make for a clear way of distinguishing yours or another’s items at a get-together in the sun. Though heat transfer vinyl isn’t quite applicable to these solid items, Instead, you apply Siser’s EasyPSV adhesive vinyl to their surface. Being a primarily permanent material, EasyPSV is notable for being able to withstand extreme UV and weather conditions, making it perfect for solid beach items. It offers a large color gamut of popular colors, and is even available in unique styles like Patterns, Glitter, and Glow. Whatever style of EasyPSV you end up using for beach buckets, all of the ones named here are equally outdoor-ready.

As with any season, T-shirts are always in style for summer especially when they’re short sleeved. When you’ve created an eye-catching multicolor design for the season, applying such to any shirt can turn it into particularly attractive apparel that others won’t dismiss. Siser’s EasyWeed HTV is a fine choice for a straightforward look, but for a more lustrous appearance, you can’t go wrong with EasyWeed Electric. For giving your designs a pearlescent and metallic look, Electric is effective and still as washable and lightweight as standard EasyWeed. Available in both Silver Lens and Gold Lens, Electric is also in additional colors like Red, Blue, Pearl, and more. As with EasyWeed itself, Electric is CPSIA Certified, making it safe to apply on any kid-sized fabrics. Whether cut for spirit wear, bridal party favors, or designer apparel, Siser EasyWeed Electric transfers are sure to stand out and last unlike any other HTV.

The last item to note are can cooler sleeves and wraps. These items are generally made with a soft poly-rich fabric ready to hold heat transfers. Though when you’re unable to sublimate onto their surface, applying EasyWeed HTV is the perfect option. Using this vinyl in particular will allow for layered multicolor designs backed by Siser’s largest color gamut to date. It’s also notable for its durable yet thin profile, and being available in plenty of alternate editions like Electric, Matte, Glow in the Dark, and more.

Clearly, there are a ton of projects you can tackle with Siser vinyl for the summer season. Whether they’ll stand as fun personal projects or a business opportunity, being backed by one of the leading vinyl manufacturers will ensure that your customizations are being done with some of the best materials in the market. Just be sure that before you customize any of these items that you’re measuring them accordingly before cutting.

But to learn more about Siser heat transfer and adhesive vinyl, be sure to visit our YouTube channel, or our website at HeatPressNation.com.

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