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Unboxing the Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 - MyExpert Blog

We just got our brand new Sawgrass SG printer here at HeatPressNation and we're excited! We're going to be unboxing this new printer in detail for you on this blog and accompanying video.



Sawgrass Printer Unboxing

The first item you'll find on the top of the box is the Sublijet-UHD install kit. The inks come in a box which includes some important materials - which we'll unpack shortly. Next up is the printer's safety information. Of course, the rest of the box includes our brand new Sawgrass SG500 printer! On the side next to it, there's a bag including the power and USB cables. By removing the top protective foam on the printer, you'll have an easier time removing it. The printer will be contained in a protective plastic bag. Do not handle the printer by the bag. Instead, reach into the box and pull out the printer from its bottom. Then carefully place it on a flat, stable surface. The printer's bag is taped for further protection and can be removed by tearing the tape off, or cutting it with scissors. When using scissors, be careful to not leave any marks or scratches on the printer itself.


Unpacking Accessories

After we took our SG printer out of the plastic bag, we've placed it aside to take a look at the other bags and install kit box. Both the cable and safety info bags will be taped shut, so once again you can remove them by either tearing or carefully cutting with scissors. Every Sawgrass printer comes with a right angle power cable that fits the power port on the machines themselves, which allows the cable to stay in place nicely. Despite that the SG500 and SG1000 printers now have wireless connectivity, they still come included with a USB cable for anyone who prefers to keep a hardwired connection. A sheet for safety information is wrapped in its own bag, listing all the safety precautions and technical info for the printer.


Unboxing Sublijet-UHD Install Kit

Now let's unbox the Sublijet-UHD install kit. This kit includes a complete set of Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow sublimation ink cartridges made specifically for the SG-series printers. You can refer to the illustrated instructions on the inside lid of its box for details how to load the inks on your SG printer. You can also refer to our setup video to see how they are installed.


This concludes our unboxing blog for the brand new Sawgrass SG-series sublimation printer. While we've unboxed an SG500 kit, the SG1000's contents will be the same, save for the printer and install kit. For any details or questions about Sawgrass printers and hardware, please visit the Contact Us/Support Page here at HeatPressNation.com. You can also call our MyExpert™ representatives at 800-215-0894.

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