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Sublimation Wedding Projects For Your Business

Sublimation Wedding Projects For Your Business

The wedding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and yes it did take a slight hit during the pandemic but according to a recent article in the New York Times, this industry is expected to come back bigger and better than ever. Now one thing that's great about your wedding customers is going to be that you can hold their hand and follow them through the entire process. It's not just a one-time event or a one-time purchase. You're gonna have an opportunity to present your products to them at different stages of the wedding process. So I'm going to share a few of my favorite projects for you to pitch to your wedding customers.

So even before the big day you have an opportunity to provide your clients with some really fun products. In this example we have our bachelorette party tees and sashes. Now what I love about these bachelorette party items is that it's not just one product for the bride, you're usually able to multiply that by six, eight, ten, however many people are going to be attending these parties. So instead of just making one shirt and you know which is good you know you get your profit for one shirt you're able to get profit for a larger order. And these are an absolute breeze! These bachelor party tees and sashes are both made of white polyester so the sublimation process is super easy super quick. It's very permanent, very vibrant in color and these are just amazing crowd pleasers that I'm sure your clients are gonna love.

Now for the big day there are still multiple opportunities to offer your products to your customers. What's really big is squad swag. So on the day of we have these tote bags that can be used to present gifts to the bridesmaids, typically the bride and the groom will offer gifts to their wedding party in this case we have a tote bag for the bridesmaids and because they're sublimation they're easily customized and individualized. It's a fantastic product with a really great wow factor. Now moving on to the groom side of things if your groom is looking for a killer customizable gift for his groomsmen look no further than these awesome sublimation flasks. Because they're sublimation they're fully customizable with any image you can conceive and also you can individualize them with ease because again it's sublimation so you print it, you press it and you're done. Another really fun project that can be used for your groomsmen or father of the bride father of the groom close family members is going to be a sublimation sock. Now there's a great variety of sublimation socks not just athletic socks like what you're seeing in our example. There are also customizable sublimation dress socks. So you definitely want to look into your options there this is a really fun and unique item that will be cherished for years and years to come.

Now after the ceremony we get to what is arguably everybody's favorite part about the wedding, the reception. Now what's really common for couples these days is to have customized wedding favors that are often presented at the reception. So here are two of my favorite options. We have these sublimation cooler sleeves. Now these are really great especially if you're going for a more relaxed environment. These sublimation cooler sleeves are a great unique and customizable item that your guests will be happy to use at your reception and take home and use in the future. We also have these awesome sublimation mugs with the silver plated handle. Now, I love the silver plated handle because it adds an extra touch of elegance to an otherwise plain or you know just kind of generic mug. It stands out it makes it special and it really does leave a great impression on your customers and on their guests. What's really cool about these mugs is they are fully customizable you can put a neat design, custom artwork, you can do a picture of the bride and groom, whatever you want. Sky's the limit. That's what I love about sublimation.

And now we have the couple's favorite part of the whole wedding process: the honeymoon. And these are two great products that you can offer to your wedding clients specifically for their honeymoon. The first one are going to be sublimation bag tags. These are fully customizable bag tags which are great for not only identifying your luggage on the turnstile but also if your luggage is lost you do want to have at least some sort of contact information on that tag. It could be your phone number, your instagram handle a QR code whatever sky's the limit. Again, this is sublimation you print it you press it and you're done and everything is fully customizable. Now also besides the bag tag we have some honeymoon tees. Look, I’ll be the first one to tell you when people find out you're on a honeymoon you get lots of great discounts and you just get treated well and so what better way to just advertise it to everybody at the resort than a really cool customized sublimation honeymoon tee. This is another thing that you can offer to your clients. It's fully customizable and again it's sublimation. You print, you press you're done. It's a really awesome project and I encourage you to offer these to your wedding clients. These are just a few of the many products that you can offer your wedding clients to make their big day more unique and memorable.

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