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Turning Graduation Season Into A Money Maker For Your Business

Graduation-Themed Sublimation Projects

Graduation season is here and there are literally millions of people across the country that will be celebrating their achievements. If you have a graduate in your family, this means you have lots of great opportunities to customize unique items that celebrate their achievements. But...if you’re a business owner, this means you have lots of great opportunities to make some money by offering these unique customizable items to your customers. In this video, I’m going to share my favorite graduation-themed sublimation projects.

Graduation Shirts

First up is the simple and always classic t-shirt. Commencement ceremonies are a great opportunity for friends and families to celebrate their graduates. After all, they did just spend four years studying...they deserve to be celebrated. One super fun way to show support is to proudly display them on a sublimation t-shirt! Nowadays, sublimation tees are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. And the quality of the transfer is vibrant and permanent. Sublimation tees are some of the easiest projects you’ll ever tackle which is why it’s one of my favorite graduation projects.


Graduation stoles are sashes that are draped over the neck of your graduate, typically denoting academic or extracurricular achievements. This is a great product to offer local schools in your area. We’re seeing custom, creative stoles for kindergarten and promotion ceremonies for younger students as well. Our example features a surprisingly difficult design element - a color gradient. Gradients are impossible to do with HTV, and are very difficult for most other transfer methods. However, with sublimation it’s an absolute breeze! This is just another example showing that having different transfer options is advantageous to your business. Stoles aren’t just for college and high school.


Next up, we have our graduation caps. Graduation caps are the perfect item for students to customize and express their unique personalities on graduation day. Heat Transfer Vinyl is a great method of customization for nearly any graduation cap. However, if your graduate has a white or light-colored polyester cap, you can use sublimation to add a full color, high-resolution customization on their cap. As a bonus, your students will have NO problem finding their custom caps after the big cap toss at the end of the ceremony.


We love how versatile these flags are. They come with a pole pocket sewn into one side that gives you plenty of mounting and display options. My personal favorite is inserting a dowel into the pole pocket and then tying some string to either end, which allows you to hang your flag vertically just about anywhere! You can customize your flag with an encouraging message or a photo of your graduate. With the bold and vibrant colors of sublimation, there’s no way anyone’s going to miss this hot item. Like a t-shirt, customizing a flag is fast and easy and the end product is gorgeous. It’s almost like printing money.

So these are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of graduation themed projects that are out there. We want to give a big congratulations to all of our graduates!

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Amy Saunders

Amy Saunders

My niece is finally able to attend her high school graduation ceremony this weekend which has been postponed several times due to COVID-19. I found it interesting when you mentioned that stoles with intricate color grading have become even more popular nowadays because they create a sense of uniqueness to their wearers. I’ll share this info with her so she can get well-prepared for the occasion. https://www.createastole.com/

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