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As a businessman, you understand the competition in the market. Your customers are getting demanding. They expect excellence beyond par. In the heat press business of printing, the need to constantly create designs that are innovative and high quality mostly depends on the kind of heat press machines that you select to get the job done.

However, sometimes even the best heat press machine will not give you your required result if not used properly. For this blog, we will focus on the mug press. So here is a step by step process on how to heat press for great results:

Step 1: The Right Heat Press for Mugs

Ideally, mugs can be pressed with a combo multi attachment mug heat press that has a separate attachment for the specific mug shape you using including standard 11 and 15 oz mugs, water bottles, steins, latte mugs and/or pint glasses. Other than that, you could go with one that is specifically designed for standard mugs. Use sublimation glass, ceramic or metal mugs for the best results.

Step 2: Design the Image

Using specialized software that you can purchase from HeatPressNation.com, design the graphic that you want printed. Make sure you reverse the digital image using the image editing software.

Step 3: Print Image Using Sublimation Paper

Using the sublimation paper, you will need to imprint the graphical image on the mug. Make sure the colors are right. Send the image to be printed on your sublimation printer, then trim the extra sublimation paper to form the shape of your graphical design.

Step 4: Transfer Image to Mug

Apply the right pressure on the mug, so that it sits securely. Next, set your heat press to the proper temperature. Throughout this time, make sure you take safety measures and wear protective gloves while dealing with the heat press equipment. Place the design face-down on the mug, and make certain it stays securely over it with heat resistant tape. When the heat press is ready, place pressure on the mug to imprint the image.

Great, You’re Done!

Once the printing is accomplished, peel off the sublimation paper off the mug.. You could also immediately submerge it in lukewarm water for it to cool off.

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personalized mugsThis is very informative and interesting post.

Janet mclear

Janet mclear

Thanks for your tutorial, I was wondering can do put a mug that I have put a decal or do I have to do it in the oven.

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