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EZ-Off removes starch, soil, and foreign residue from the heating element of your heat press. To use EZ-Off, apply some EZ-Off onto a heavy cotton cloth and carefully rub the heat platen while it is set at about 200°F.

EZ-Off is non-flammable, safe for iron, fabric, and skin. This item comes in a 5 -1/4 oz. tube.

      The HPN MyExpert Support guarantee is our commitment to Life Time Technical Support. No matter where you are in your products life cycle, we will be here to provide support to your product and make sure you are fully covered.

      Often imitated, never duplicated; our dedicated team of technicians are capable of providing support to your product at any point of its life. Whether it be during the setup process or even years down the line where troubleshooting may be required, they'll have your back and provide a solution.

      Our MyExpert Support will always be there for you so you can purchase with confidence!

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      Esteban Perez

      EZ Off

      Shawn Hawkins

      Works amazing

      Karen Blanks

      EZ Off

      Barbara Crites
      EZ Off

      I was using sublimation with my press and for whatever reason (maybe wine) the sub paper was upside down and Mickey ended up on the top of my press. No problem. I pressed my next shirt and Mickey ended up on the shirt along with Mario!! It wasn’t good. I tried several things to remove the ghost of Mickey. I took a chance and ordered EZ Off. 2 minutes with a towel on the warm press, Mickey is gone, no residue left from the cleaner and it took literally a pea sized amount to fix my heat press. I’m a believer!! Thank you! The ghost of Mickey thanks you!

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