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The Hotronix Heat Press Caddie makes your heat press EFFICIENT, PORTABLE, AND ADJUSTABLE!

The Heat Press Caddie is a pedestal stand that makes any Hotronix Auto Open or Maxx Clam Shell heat press a threadable heat press. By giving your heat press threadability, you can load your garment onto the press and decorate the front, back, or sides without having to remove it from the platen. By doing this, you can increase your productivity by 40%.

In addition to the thread-ability, the Heat Press Caddie also makes your heat press portable. The Caddie's self-leveling casters will let you move your heat press around your shop or around any local event. You will also be able to adjust the height of your heat press, depending on what's most comfortable for you!

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty, self-leveling casters make your heat press portable.
  • Adds full thread-ability to any Hotronix or MAXX clamshell heat press.
  • The adjustable stand can be raised or lowered for individual operator comfort.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heat press sold separately.

Compatible Heat Presses:

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