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So the holiday season is here and you are going crazy thinking about what gifts to buy for your family and friends. Here’s an idea. Why not give them customized graphic t-shirts? Sounds exciting, right? You can actually get some fun quotes and images printed on basic t-shirts with the use of the heat press technology. It’s very simple!

What is a heat press?

Heat pressing is basically an excellent technique for adding your own personal design or artwork to a piece of clothing or accessory. A lot of people get a text, image or design printed on a t-shirt, tote bag, mug or other such items using the heat press technology. It involves the application of uniform and consistent pressure and heat from a good-quality heat press.

Since it’s the holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner, you could think of printing Christmas or holiday-themed images and texts on t-shirts and accessories with a heat press. These could work as excellent gifts for your loved ones. You could use a personal photograph or create a slogan or abstract design using a graphic design software tool and then print it on a gift item!

How it works

The materials which are used for heat press printing have heat-sensitive glue on one of the sides. Upon the application of heat by the heat press, the material will adhere to the surface (to which it gets applied) and you get a decorated piece of clothing as a result of the process. In fact, decoration of garments or accessories using a heat press can be a very easy and cost effective business. You can work with a number of different products, including t-shirts, mugs, cloth bags, team uniforms, corporate gifting items, and so on.

Did you know that heat press machines were first used for t-shirt printing way back in the 1960s? At present, you can choose from three different kinds of heat presses, namely ‘clamshell’, ‘swing-away’, and ‘draw style’ presses. Heating press machines could be both manual and automatic. The manual ones obviously require a lot more human involvement while the automatic ones can do without too much labor investment. You can select one depending on your specific requirements and budget.

Heat press printing can be a great way to stimulate your creative energies. Surprise your family and friends by gifting them some fun printed t-shirts and other products this holiday season!

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