Insta Model 1020 40" x 48" Large Format Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

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The Large Format Insta Model 1020 machine features a large 1m x 1.2m (39.4" x 47.2") upper platen, an automatic reciprocating dual tray system, and two powerful air cylinders to produce pressure, the MS 1020 is a marriage of increased productivity and reliability. The larger printing surface is perfect for all-over sublimations, while the powerful heating coils and synchronized air cylinders gives the power to pull it off perfectly and repeatedly. Combined with the machine's automated abilities, the Model 1020 gives a single user the power to create consistent, high, quality, total T-shirt prints at a pace and consistency unachievable with a manual press. 


  • Sleek Footprint: This automatic machine's sleek profile and compact design make it an ideal machine for use in areas with limited work space for your digital sublimation requirements.

  • Dual Lower Platens: Our automatic machine uses a dual platen shuttle system which allows you to speed up your production capabilities and provides you with the tremendous printing versatility, all in one machine. Printing all over garments, cut piece has never been easier. 

  • Pressure Distribution: The pressure is transmitted by two diameter cylinders providing you with even pressure distribution across the platen...unmatched by other heat presses in the market today. 

  • Heating Element: The element is coiled throughout the upper platen which provides a reliable and even circulation of heat out to all corners. 

  • Controller Capabilities: Our digital controller provides both time and temperature controls, has a range of 0 - 999 seconds with temperature range up to 225 C (~425F). You can manually or automatically set the machine for operation. Automatic alarm system and completion of process is built into the controller.  


  • Fully Automatic
  • ETL/UL, RoHS/WEE pending
  • Variable speed for reciprocating trays
  • Manual and automatic modes - use for testing and production
  • Single operator
  • Air pressure range 72.5 - 87 psi
  • Temperature range 0 - 425F (225C)
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty on the upper heating element, 1 year on parts & 90 days on labor.
  • Made in the USA.

Working Space:

  • Depth:  107" (2,750 mm)     
  • Width:  60.5” (1,700 mm)
  • Height: 55” (1,500 cm)
  • Power: 240 volt – Three Phase 50/60HZ, 9.0 kw, 25A
  • Platen Size: 1m x 1.2m (39.4" x 47.2")
  • Machine Weight: 1873 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 3000 lbs.

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