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Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Complete Siser EasySubli Printer Kit

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Kit: Starter
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*Printer may ship separately from included inks.*

Sublimation onto cotton will soon become a reality! Siser EasySubli, the new collaboration between Sawgrass & Siser, will no longer limit you to sublimation onto white polyester. This desktop sublimation solution will allow for sublimation onto colored polyester, cotton, rayon, and more. Sawgrass EasySubli Inks are specifically designed to work with Siser EasySubli heat transfer material. In addition, the EasySubli inks can also be used on the same substrates that have been working with Sawgrass SubliJet UHD inks for years. This means that you won't have to switch out inks, or use an additional dedicated system for your non-Siser EasySubli transfers.

The ideal printer for the growing business or ambitious entrepreneur, the SG1000 prints on media up to 11˝ x 17˝ (28 x 43 cm) with the standard tray. This is perfect for apparel, soft goods, and small or medium-sized photo panels.

The SG1000 has the pro-level print consistency and versatile dimensions of its predecessor, the SG800, but has been updated from the inside out. In addition to design improvements such as a single roll-bar, the SG1000 is more energy-efficient, prints with higher resolution, and offers WiFi connectivity. This means you’ll enjoy higher quality products and greater ease of use, at a price comparable to the previous model.

When purchasing the SG1000, you will now have a choice of the size of ink cartridges that are included with the printer. This is known as the Install Kit. Starter Install Kits will include cartridges that have 20ml of ink. Standard Install Kits will include cartridges that have 31ml of ink. Extended Install Kits will include cartridges that have 70ml of ink.

The initial one-time feed process may take up to 16ml of ink into the system and may display a low ink alert upon completion when using starter cartridges. However, you should still expect up to 100 prints before needing to replace the cartridges. The number of prints will vary depending on the size and amount of colors per print.

Also, included within the kit are TexPrint DT Heavy Sublimation Paper and a SubliCraft Sublimation Blank Sample Pack. Two key components to printing your ideas right out of the box! 

What's Included:

  • Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Sublimation Printer
  • Your Choice of a Complete Set of Sawgrass EasySubli-UHD Ink Cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black):
    • Starter Install Kit - 20ml (or)
    • Standard Install Kit - 31ml
  • Texprint DT Heavy Sublimation Paper: 8.5 x 11 - 100 Sheets 
  • SubliCraft Sublimation Blank Pack 
  • Free Access to HPN Sublimation Masterclass
    • Unlimited access to 8+ hours of jam packed premium content
    • Featuring over 50 videos across 7 modules in an easy to view layout
    • Covers everything from equipment selection, product instruction, processes, marketing & business insights!
  • 500 HPN Design Store Reward Credits
    • Access to download up to 200+ Digital Designs for commercial use!
  • 10% Off Future Sawgrass Ink Purchase
  • Free One on One Setup & On-boarding - $200 Value
  • Sawgrass Print Manager - $1,450 Yearly Value
  • Sawgrass Support Desk - $300 Yearly Value
  • CreativeStudio Online Design Software w/ Customizable Artwork and Sub Blank Templates (Compatible with Windows and Mac)- $1,500 Yearly Value
  • Sawgrass Academy: Training, Business Builder Courses, and Art Projects, and More - $300 Yearly Value

We recommend also purchasing Siser EasySubli HTV and EasySubli Mask


Extreme Versatility: Thanks to the extreme versatility of Sawgrass's sublimation printing technology, EasySubli-UHD will not only work with EasySubli media. It can also decorate a wide variety of polymer-coated hard substrates, including metal, ceramic, glass, FRP plastic, poly-performance fabrics, hardboard, and more. 


Vibrant Colors: Extremely vibrant colors and stunning resolution at levels that other digital processes simply cannot match. It's the top choice for professional photographers and digital images who demand precision and fine detail in every image.


Superior Durability: Sublimated images created with EasySubli-UHD are permanent! Hard substrate surfaces won't crack, peel or scratch. Apparel won't fade - ever - no matter how many times it is washed.


Infused Image: Unlike screen printing, print-cut vinyl, and direct-to-substrate printing, which are sitting on the surface of the product, sublimation ink is actually infused into the surface itself, and will not crack, peel or wash away.


Self-Maintenance Mode: The built-in, self-cleaning routine keeps the printer running at its best even if the printer has not been used for a long period of time. For this though it is advised to leave the printer powered on otherwise it may clog from the dry ink.


Creative Studio: The only online design tool built specifically for sublimation. With built-in product templates, thousands of ready-to-use designs, and seamless integration with your Sawgrass printer, CreativeStudio takes the frustration out of creation. An individual account is included with every Sawgrass printer purchase, and a premium membership is available for unlimited access to additional features and artwork.


Virtuoso Print Manager: The Virtuoso's Print Manager makes printing beautiful transfers a breeze. Powerful features enable users to easily optimize color output for photographs, vector graphics or spot colors. Also, it is Windows and Mac OS compatible.

New Features Include:


WIFI Connectivity: Now print wirelessly through your home or office's network. Without the need to connect a computer via a USB cable, printing from multiple computers is easier than ever!


Ultra Fine Photo Mode: This new print mode allows the SG500 and SG1000 to print at a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. High-resolution images will appear sharper and with more clarity on your substrates.


Backlit Display: The new display is now easier to read thanks to its LED backlight. 


2-Year Warranty: For complete peace of mind, the SG500 and SG1000 are now backed by a 2-year warranty, as well as unlimited tech support for the life of the product.


Backward Compatibility: The SG1000 is backward-compatible with SG800 accessories, so if you already own the Optional Bypass Tray or Paper Tray for the SG800, you will be able to continue using it. This allows you to print on media up to 13" x 19˝ (330 x 482 mm).

SG1000 Specifications:

  • Maximum Media Size: 11˝ x 17˝; Up to 13˝ x 19˝ with Optional Bypass Tray
  • Resolutions and Full-Page Print Speeds:

    • High Speed (600x600 dpi) - 15 seconds
    • High Quality (600x600 dpi) - 29 seconds
    • Advanced Photo (1200x600 dpi) - 48 seconds
    • Ultra Fine Photo (4800x1200 dpi ) - 6 minutes 40 seconds
  • Physical Dimensions: 21˝ x 14.25˝ x 8.5˝

Print Controller Specifications:

  • Memory: 128 MB RAM Standard/Maximum
  • Standard Interfaces: USB 1.1/2.0, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP
  • Supported Environments: Windows 8, 8.1, 10; Mac OS 10.13 or Later

System Requirements to Run Virtuoso Print Manager

  • Windows Operating System (a 64-bit operating system is required)
    • Recommended: Windows 10
    • Minimum Required: Windows 7
  • Apple OSX / MacOS Operating System (a 64-bit operating system is required)
    • MacOS 10.13 and later
    • Compatibility with the Apple M1 ARM processor requires Sawgrass Print Manager version 10.0.0 and Rosetta 2.*
  • Minimum RAM: 4GB
  • Recommended RAM: 8GB Minimum
  • Minimum CPU: Dual Core
  • Recommended CPU: Quad Core or greater
  • Minimum Free HDD Space: 10% Free
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024*768 pixels at 100% zoom

Note: Only Windows Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions have been tested and approved. Only compatible with Intel systems running Macintosh OS 10.13 or later, current with the absolute latest Apple software updates.

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The HPN MyExpert Support guarantee is our commitment to Life Time Technical Support. No matter where you are in your products life cycle, we will be here to provide support to your product and make sure you are fully covered.

Often imitated, never duplicated; our dedicated team of technicians are capable of providing support to your product at any point of its life. Whether it be during the setup process or even years down the line where troubleshooting may be required, they'll have your back and provide a solution.

Our MyExpert Support will always be there for you so you can purchase with confidence!

In addition, all Sawgrass Printers come with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty from the original date of purchase. Warranty service does not include the cost of freight of the item to or from repair facilities.

Use of official Sawgrass inks is required to maintain warranty, use of 3rd party inks can result in voiding warranty and potentially damaging the printer. To prevent ink contamination, it is also highly advised to continue use of the same ink style.

For warranty claims, we may need to involve the official Sawgrass team depending on the reported issue.

The HPN MyExpert Support guarantee is our commitment to Life Time Technical Support. No matter where you are in your products life cycle, we will be here to provide support to your product and make sure you are fully covered.

Often imitated, never duplicated; our dedicated team of technicians are capable of providing support to your product at any point of its life. Whether it be during the setup process or even years down the line where troubleshooting may be required, they'll have your back and provide a solution.

Our MyExpert Support will always be there for you so you can purchase with confidence!

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

Fantastic unit. I have never had an issue with it. Prints beautifully! Don't hesitate. I got it with the mug press and love it!

Very Unhappy With Sawgrass 1000

I bought a Sawgrass 1000 a little over 2 years ago...Never had issue, until the warranty expired...Same ink and paper I've used since the initial startup...Now, I have lines through my prints...Went through all of the steps that Sawgrass suggested, and still no change...had to restock ink just to continue...after restock ink...Same issue, but this time, I've used almost half of the ink cartridges doing Head Cleaning and Head Flushing...over a dozen times for both...Now Sawgrass tells me there nothing more they can do...Basically, buy another one and they will send me 1 discounted ink cartridge...I will pass...This company will never see another $$$ of my business...

Caity Molinari
Do your Research First

Before buying, consider doing research. I’m fairly new into the sublimation world and I already know why people are choosing eco solvent printers already. It’s almost impossible to sublimate onto cotton material. And if you do, you’re limited to Siser Easy Subli vinyl and let me tell you, it sucks. If you want to make one shirt you won’t be able to that day. The ink has to dry. Even if you hovered your press over it, it still has to dry. You still run the risk of your ink from smearing from putting it through a cutting machine. Plus the backer is not heat resistant. You have to remove the entire design from the backer sheet. There are so many steps involved. More so than regular vinyl and pressing. My advice, look into eco solvent printer/cutters. That saves you the hassle. I’ve already started my research into that. If you are considering sublimation, I highly recommend having a background knowledge of cutting/designing software like Cricut and knowledge of vinyls and heat press settings. If you don’t, you will be wasting ink, time and substrates. I have seen my friends who were all about sublimation suddenly switched to Eco Solvent because it was much more easier. If you’re questioning how does it work, watch videos on tik tok, people who keep it real and don’t get paid to give a review just for the money and free products. Look into it, you might be surprised how many cons outweigh the pros.

Alexis Schorr
Worth it to print 30oz tumblers

Only thing I'm confused on is it say WITHOUT the added on tray it can print 11x17 paper. But it doesn't fit in the tray. So I have to cut it down 3-4"

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