Specialty Materials REFLECTION PROTECTION - 19.5" x 5 yd

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Material: Nylon
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Specialty Materials Reflection Protection is optimal for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight.

Reflection Protection films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them. This film is available in Certified Safety Reflective Silver. Safety retro-reflective film produces a maximum reflectivity of 675 candela/lux/meter.

Reflection Protection is perfect for garments used by police, firefighters, EMS and other safety officials as well as runners, bicyclists, and motor bikers, among others.

This material is available for application onto nylon or cotton.


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Application Instructions

  • Cut material in mirror image with 60° blade
  • Weed out design
  • Preheat garment for 5 seconds
  • Application Time: 3-5 seconds
  • Application Temp:
    • Nylon: 320°F
    • Cotton: 250°F - 275°F
  • Pressure: Firm even pressure
  • Peel:
    • Nylon: Warm Peel
    • Cotton: Cold Peel
  • Repress: After peel, cover with non-stick sheet and repress for 10-15 seconds

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  • Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash cool
  • Tumble dry

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Different to work with but it’s amazing.

    Lakeysha Laskey

    Specialty Materials REFLECTION PROTECTION - 19.5" x 5 yd


    sorry if anyone was mislead by my previous review below, the good reflective vinyl i was referring too was from Siser*. This Vinyl is okay not as good honestly but if you purchase it I will say make sure you peel REALLY REALLY SLOW OR IT WILL LEAVE GLUE RESIDUE(even if you let it cool down you must peel slow). Ive messed up a few pieces peeling too quickly & i personally don't feel like it holds as well to the fabric as siser does . Not to mention the transfer film has no adhesive so if you don't weed carefully you can lift your design and there is no getting it back on the film after that(to my knowledge at least). (Only product ive had issues with on HPN aside from that everything else is top notch with great quality


    Love this Vinyl, its become a favorite with our customers who support our Tshirt brand. Sticks to fabric great as long as you follow instructions & use right amount of pressure. Great look & shine to it when the light hits it in the dark, def recommend this one.

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