Unisub 9" x 12" Cherry Sublimation MDF Plaque with Ogee Edge

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Quantity Per Pack: 6 Pieces
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If you are seeking a substrate for awards look no further! Unisub sublimation plaques are fantastic for commemorative or celebratory sublimation image transfers. Congratulate your overachievers and those who deserve it. Plaques are designed using medium density fiberboard (MDF) in an Ogee design adding a unique and stand out way to display your plaque. Unisub plaques have keyholes for displaying both portrait and landscape orientations. Ogee plaques come in both cherry and black color variants.


*Product may have a protective film over the sublimation area, peel before application.*


  • Size: 9" x 12"
  • Imprint Area: 7.875" x 10.875"
  • Pieces: 6 or 12
  • Substrate: Medium density fiberboard
  • Finish: Gloss white
  • Keyholes for both portrait and landscape orientations
  • Comes in both black and cherry color variations

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Application Instructions

  • Recommended Heat Press: Flat press *Note this product may have a protective plastic film to peel prior to pressing your sublimation transfer.
  • Prepress sublimation blank face up covered with a Pro Grade Non Stick Sheet for 20 seconds. Let substrate fully cool before transferring your sublimated image to ensure highest quality transfer.
  • Time: 80 - 90 seconds depending on artwork
  • Temperature: 400° F (204° Celsius)
  • Pressure: Medium pressure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very nice plaques

I was extremely excited to receive these plaques. It was my first time making these and I had expected I would atleast mess up one which I did lol.

The 1st one was ok but that was my own issue because I have a clam shell heat press. I used my manual easy press on the second and it was better but there was some shifting.

This is a great product but hands down a clam shell is not the answer. I plan to invest in a smaller swing away just for projects like this.

The product itself it amazing. I know once I get the proper press or perfect my easy press technique it will be awesome.

Lisa Wilde

Great product

Orwyn Richards
Good product

Plaque sublimate very good, colors are vibrant. Very happy with how they turned out. Will buy again.

LaTina Jenkins
Love Love Love!

These subbed beautifully! Colors are vibrant…I have absolutely no complaints!

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