Choose the Printer Right for You

Welcome! You may have stumbled upon a few sublimation videos or articles and found yourself here. Or ready to decide which sublimation printer and ink type is suitable for you - fantastic, let's do this! Dye sublimation is a great way to customize or expand any heat transferring business. T-shirts are not the only canvas either. Customization is endless with our wide array of sublimation blanks like mugs, coasters, ornaments, and key chains to name a few. Some important tips to consider when choosing a printer are: (What am I printing? What's my smallest design and how big would be my biggest? Am I on a budget? Is there support and warranty for the printer?) We hear you and take these considerations when assisting our customers. We stand behind and support the brands and products we carry. With our amazing MyExpert support team to help technically and with customer support, you're in good hands. Share with us your vision and projects - we'll assist you to select the best printer for your needs and wants. To connect with your MyExpert Support team they are available via chat or at 1-800-215-0894 during business hours.

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