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Convert Regular Tabloid Sized Printers into Large Format Printers. IC Split is a software designed to produce large format transfers using an A4 sized OKI Printer, like the OKI 711WT, with just a few mouse clicks. The self-explanatory software simply divides the print image into two, three or more parts depending on the desired final format. These are later reassembled on your substrate to form a large image.


  • Self-explanatory process
  • Split designs with just a few clicks
  • Automatic generation of an abstract cutting line for dark and light backgrounds
  • Generate PDF or PNG files
  • No additional media costs
  • Transparent film for easy positioning
  • No visible line after transfer
  • Also suitable for Rasterized images
  • Print custom widths and lengths
  • Formats in DIN A2 and larger are possible
  • Print giant designs onto XXL Shirts
  • Suitable for CMYW or CMYK Laser-/LED Printers
  • Suitable for sublimation printers using FOREVER Subli-Foil

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